Ballots stay dry, unless intentionally doused with water

So it didn’t take long before the first evidence of tampering and cheating emerged when the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), began the arduous task of manually recounting the ballots cast in the May 9, 2016 elections for Vice President.

As revealed by former Senator Bongbong Marcos, the ballots from four clustered precincts in Bato, Camarines Sur were found wet and damaged, useless for purposes of examining the actual shadings made on the names of individual candidates. The soaking of the ballots in water is a classic cheating tactic to render them unreadable. Whoever did that definitely wanted to hide the truth.

The 40 revision committees that dived into the task of manually opening each ballot box and counting the votes as they could visually ascertain from the face of the ballots also discovered that in 38 ballot boxes, the audit logs that contained information about when the voting started, the times ballots were inserted into the PCOS machine, and the time the voting ended were missing.

Audit logs are part of the safeguards built into each machine to ensure each and every activity that transpires could be retrieved and examined. This is particularly important because in the electoral contest between Marcos and Robredo, the tide of the counting changed overnight with so-called late transmissions inundating the tabulation boards and giving Leni the hairline margin of 263,473 votes when it ended.

From a 900,000 lead that Marcos enjoyed late into the night of May 9, 2018, this was wiped out the next day, with Robredo first gaining the lead with 8,000, and slowly increased to the final margin of 263,473 votes that became the basis of her proclamation as winner for the vice presidential race.

Camarines Sur is the home province of Robredo. It means that the custodians of the ballot boxes during the last two years were vulnerable to the influence of her camp. These facts — wet ballots and missing audit logs — are already sure-fire proof that there was tampering of the election results.

The manual counting continues to take place today at the Supreme Court. This undertaking is being conducted every day from Monday to Friday during office hours.