Vhong’s mauling isn’t just a showbiz story

I read some views that the Vhong Navarro mauling incident was more a showbiz story that didn’t deserve much serious attention.
I disagree.
The story involves the highest interests of justice and law enforcement, and the fact that high-profile individuals make up the cast of characters in the incident propels it to national attention. 
It reveals the weaknesses the flaws and weaknesses in our police system. It unravels defects in the private security guard system in the country. It unmasks the true characters of people, a compelling drama that can’t possibly be ignored by majority of the citizenry.
It teaches us about the law. It instructs us that what we see and what we hear aren’t always the truth. It makes us more circumspect in confronting the world in general.
Hopefully, this episode will prove to the Filipino people that wealth and power won’t let those who possess them escape criminal liability. It will teach us that physical beauty doesn’t translate into inner good. Indeed, there are countless lessons we can draw from this case.