The local media was victim of the creative scams of Jed and Jepoy about so-called achievements to boost the image of the city mayor.
In media parlance, “na-kuryente”.
Jed and Jepoy had been jumping up and down like monkeys lately telling the people about a plan to rehabilitate the city’s traffic lights system with help from ABS/CBN chief executive officer Gabby Lopez.
Consistent with

their penchant for painting a rosier picture than the truth, Jed and Jepoy said the plan is likely to roll out soon because Lopez supposedly promised to bring executives of IBM Philippines to Iloilo City for this project.
Jed and Jepoy boasted that Lopez even volunteered to lend money to the city to make the project a reality.
This tall tale reached the attention of ABS/CBN, forcing Bong Osorio to issue a disclaimer yesterday.
It’s not true that Lopez offered to bring IBM Philippines over to Iloilo. Neither did he offer any loan to the city. Ka-boom!
I knew that sooner or later, the campaign of lies will collapse. No lie can ever go unexposed. Jed and Jepoy are now singing a different tune. They never said those things, they claim. So they are now lying again to cover up a lie. It’s a vicious cycle for liars.