TNT Libre January 31 edition highlights Jing Jing’s threat

TNT Libre January 31 edition highlights Jing Jing's threat

In a series of FB private messages and blog comments, Jing Jing Espinosa has sent a strong warning against the reportage I’ve been doing on his cases.
Jing Jing is now facing two counts of frustrated murder and one count of attempted murder for trying to kill his own uncles on June 1, 2010.
Jobless, with no legitimate business, Jing Jing has erected a 5-story residence in Barangay Monica City Proper where City Mayor Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog is a frequent visitor.
Mabilog shrugged off Jing Jing’s dark past as a convicted killer and a reputed drug lord as irrelevant. He said he is proud of their friendship and counts Jing Jing as his number one supporter for his re election bid.

Jing Jing Espinosa, cousin face frustrated murder raps


The Department of Justice (DOJ) has found probable cause to file charges of two counts of frustrated murder and one for attempted murder against Jesus “Jing-Jing” Espinosa Jr. and Benjamin “Benjie” Espinosa for allegedly trying to kill their own uncles during the barangay fiesta of Barangay Monica nearly three years ago.

In a seven-page Resolution signed by Assistant State Prosecutor Rohairah A. Lao, the DOJ said there is solid evidence to indict the two Espinosa cousins for firing their handguns at Pascual “Toto E” Espinosa III, Leo Espinosa and Sergio Espinosa at around 2 a.m. on June 1, 2010.

Pascual and Leo Espinosa suffered gunshot wounds while Sergio survived the attached unharmed.

In their complaints, the three victims said their fiesta party at the family’s ancestral house had just ended at around 2 a.m. when there was a sudden burst of gunfire directed at them. All three, including eyewitnesses, pointed to Jing Jing and Benjie Espinosa as their assailants.

Pascual sustained three bullet wounds in the side of his body that could have caused his death had there been a delay in bringing him to a hospital.

Leo was hit in the right thigh. Miraculously, Sergio was not hit.

The preliminary investigation of the case had to be handled by the DOJ after Jing Jing Espinosa asked that assistant provincial prosecutor Antonio Chin, who was assigned to hear the case, inhibit himself from the case because of his perceived closeness of Assistant City Prosecutor Resty Ann Espinosa-Borja, daughter of Pascual III.

Lao noted that the defense of Jing Jing Espinosa was nothing more than an alibi that he had no involvement in the shooting.

Jing Jing said that he had arrived from Manila in the evening of May 31, 2010 as the fiesta celebration was already underway.

Jing Jing said he was about to transfer his Ford Everest to the front of his house near the basketball court after the fiesta dance party ended at about 2 o’ clock a.m. when he saw the three victims start firing their guns at his car.

Jing Jing claimed he had no firearm and had to run home, leaving his car behind, to seek protection in their home.

His co-respondent Benjie said he was not in the area when the incident took place.

But Lao said she was not convinced by the defense put up by the two respondents in the case.  

“After perusal of the record and the evidence submitted by the parties, the undersigned (Lao) is convinced that a probable cause for the crimes of frustrated and attempted murder exist against respondents Jesus Epinosa and Benjamin Espinosa in the instant case,” she said.

Lao said “the narration of facts and their witnesses are straightforward, believable and appear to be in consonance with logic and reason.”

Lao stressed that positive identification of the assailants by the victims is always given more weight and credence than mere denial and alibi of the defense.

“In the instant case, respondent Jesus admitted that he was at the crime scene at the time of the incident,” she said.

Lao also found it strange that if indeed Jing Jing was unarmed, he did not suffer even a single gunshot wound when a hail of bullets supposedly cascaded on his car.

“This is because respondent Jesus was not tellling the truth and wanted this office to believe his incredible story,” she said.

The resolution was dated October 12, 2012 but was received by complainants only a few days ago.

Jing Jing became controversial recently after he posted photographs showing him in the company of City Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog, Rep. Jerry P. Trenas, Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa III and other local officials in parties at his Barangay Monica residence on his Facebook page.

Jing Jing had been convicted for the murder of a deaf mute in Barangay Monica 20 years ago. He was also accused for the ambush of Pascual III near the San Jose Church in 2003 but was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Pascual III said Jing Jing has developed a deep hatred against him after he exposed his nephew’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug business.

When confronted by the media on his friendship with Jing Jing, Mabilog said he was not ashamed about such friendship. He was even proud of it, he said.