Can you succeed without reading books?

These days, people think their success depends on the degree they obtain, or the university they attend. They grind their way through college, studying long hours to fulfill academic requirements, and ultimately wave their diplomas upon graduation.

However, most college graduates mistake their diplomas as evidence that they are ready to tackle the challenges of life. And after college, they cease learning, and hardly pick up a book. In their minds, whatever they need to learn to navigate life and pursue their careers are packed up inside their heads.

That is a big, big blunder.

The demands of the workplace is rapidly changing, and what college graduates have learned are often inadequate for the required skills. People who don’t read are unable to gain new knowledge and skills. For one thing, it betrays an attitude of one who has shut the doors to lifelong learning. Second, reading gives our brains a good work-out; every page we read is like a rep of pumping iron.