Dirty tricks from City Hall?

Is there a deliberate effort to sabotage the signal quality of the “Kapehan sa Bali”?
This question turned serious yesterday when a regular viewer turned up at the Bali Hotel yesterday to show video footage he took with his smart phone on the poor TV reception of the show earlier.

Kapehan sa Bali focuses on the launching of the maiden international flights to and from the New Iloilo Airport with the Bureau of Immigration officers headed by Noel Bangeles, Nov. 7. (Photo by Chona Guntao/The News Today)

I have been getting text messages from viewers since three weeks ago about the bad reception, and I was assured by SkyCable that those cases might be isolated to certain areas.
I made a quick survey in several areas and found out that indeed, the signal quality of my program was bad. The quality returned to normal after my program. I complained to the technical staff of SkyCable. I will file a formal complaint today.
Who else would be in a position to do this? The answer, I think, is obvious.