Holy Thursday reflection

I don’t know if I am correct, but I believe it’s only during Holy Week when many Catholics “rediscover” their faith, only to forget about it altogether for the rest of the year. I need to be brutally frank. This observation is borne out by the greed and sinfulness we see around us. There is so much corruption, and wealth has been elevated to the status of god by a great many.

I look at this with sadness. Our faith has become detachable when it is convenient for us. It is attached by Velcro to our wrists. As soon as it is sundown on Easter Sunday, it is quickly detached and many people are back to their old sinful ways. I feel it is a big letdown for a nation that prides itself as the biggest Roman Catholic country in Asia.

Hypocrisy shrouds our behavior. We pretend to be virtuous and many public officials do not hesitate to gobble up public funds like they’ve starved for eons. Worse, a substantial segment of the population do not feel outraged at such moral depravity displayed by public officials. It is becoming an acceptable norm in society.

This is what bothers me as I reflect upon our existence on earth and how many people have lost their moorings from their faith.

But I will not allow myself to be a disinterested observer.

I will continue to wage battle against the greed and sinfulness in society. I could not find a worse example than what Senator Franklin Drilon has done. For this reason, I intend to find spiritual guidance from the life of Jesus Christ as I get back into the arena of moral combat against the corruption of Drilon.