Benenta na ba nila ang kanilang kaluluwa?

Judging from the actions and statements coming from a number of Senators and Congressmen and -women, it would seem that they have swept aside standards of ethical behavior to accommodate a panicky oligarch-owned television and radio network in its bid to obtain a new franchise from Congress.

For instance, Senator Grace Poe is breaking the rules on the grant of legislative franchises in pushing for an early hearing on the network’s renewal application which has remained stuck in the Lower House. Alam ni Poe na hindi makagalaw ang Senado hanggat na-approve na ng House of Representatives ang bill para sa panibagong franchise. Sa ngayon, wala pa kahit bill. Application pa lang.

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, who acknowledges that ABS-CBN cannot operate without a franchise, is trying to introduce a band-aid solution by filing a Joint Resolution to give the network authority to operate until December 31, 2022. Baka lang kinakalawang na si Manong Frank, pero franchise po ang kailangan. Sir, alam mo yan na hindi mapalitan ng Joint Resolution ang franchise. Wala naman sa batas ang temporary legislative authority, di po ba?

Dalawang bagay lang yan.

It’s either takot sila sa ABS-CBN, or lobby money is at work.

This is the tragedy of this Republic. Meron pa rin tayong mga elected officials na nakakalimot ng kanilang totoong tungkulin, at ito po ang maglingkod para sa mamayan at hindi para sa mayayaman.

Adios na, Trillanes

Umpisa tanghali ngayon araw, Hunyo 30, 2019, matatapos na rin ang pag-upo ni Antonio Trillanes IV bilang Senador ng Pilipinas. Milyon-milyong mga Pinoy ay pumapalakpak at nasisiya dahil sa wakas, wala na sa puwesto itong pesteng coup plotter na walang ginawa kondi lumikha ng kagulohan. Masayang-masaya ang mga tao. Walang nanghihinayang sa pag-exit ni Trillanes sa gobyerno.

Ang yabang kasi ng taong ito. Akala mo siya lang ang marunong. Na siya lang ang may kakayahan. Pero sa totoo, walang mabuting ginawa si Trillanes. At sa katapusan, kasama siya sa pag-reject ng taumbayan sa mga dilawan. Ang pagkatalo ng Otso Diretso sa May 13, 2019 elections ay patunay na walang suporta ang mga katulad ni Trillanes.

Ngayon na wala na sa puwesto si Trillanes, tignan natin kung hanggang saan ang yabang niya. Sigurado ako na uunsad ang mga kaso laban sa kanya. At dapat ipatawag siya sa Senado upang imbestigahan tungkol sa mga destabilization plot na iginuhit niya at nga mga dilawan.

Adios, Trillanes! Sa bilangguan na sana ang punta mo!


This photo taken on September 13, 2017 shows Philippine Senator Antonio gesturing during an interview at his office in the Senate building in Manila. After launching his political career from a jail cell, Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes believes it could end in a grave thanks to a relentless campaign against his “hitman” president. / AFP PHOTO / NOEL CELIS (Photo credit should read NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Desperately seeking true leaders

This government is characterized more by what is absent than what is obvious.
The obvious is that it is a gang of greedy thieves who thought wearing yellow would deodorize their evil schemes.
But what is absent is capacity for intellectual and moral leadership.
We have a President with a known disdain for matters intellectual. Hence, his ability to confront problems with knowledge and acuity of vision is seriously impaired.
Our legislature isn’t much different.
There are bright minds among our Senators and Congressmen, but the corrupt way that this Administration does business has reduced them to obedient lapdogs whose minds have warped.

No wonder our nation is wallowing in a quagmire. 

The people at the helm of the ship don’t look at a moral compass for guidance. Their maps are filled with bank account numbers disguised as grid coordinates. For them, stealing is okay when done in good faith.
Our dire straits make us long for those days when only intellectual giants gained entry to the highest positions of the land.
We long for Recto, Tanada, Diokno, Salonga and Ganzon in the halls of our Congress to make us feel secure our fate and destiny are placed in the hands of genuine leaders.
It’s time for men and women possessed with great minds and moral uprightness to lead this country

Senate in Stage IV cancer

Senate in Stage IV cancer

How can Drilon say the Senate is not in a crisis? All his colleagues know he is deep into the scam, and he has been spared. Will the other senators just clap their hands? Besides, almost everybody is pre-occupied with defending their honor and integrity. For the whole week, their time and attention were confined to that task. That can continue for weeks. Drilon can’t just treat this as a case of common cold. The Senate is now suffering from Stage IV cancer!