PNoy’s breakfast with Senator-Judge Bong was wrong!

When the Senate constituted itself as an Impeachment Court in accordance with the Constitution, its members ceased to become political animals and even wore judicial robes to elevate them to a different plane. They ceased to be legislators each time they wore the robes. They represented justice, fair and objective. Above suspicion. But President Aquino corrupted the whole process.

A war nobody won

My comment on Rappler story by Carmela Fonbuena on what happened in Zamboanga City at the height of the crisis two weeks ago:

The safe conduct pass option should have been explored at the first opportunity. It could have prevented the unnecessary deaths on both sides as well as the hostages. The destruction of property could have been avoided as well. It was a misplaced ego that fed a desire to raze down the MNLF to the ground that resulted in the widespread deaths, misery and loss of property. Zamboanga City became a war zone when that could have been handled as a police situation, or a hostage situation, where the lives of the civilians were a primary concern. It was a war that nobody won.


A rising tide of anger

Being critical of the President’s decisions and leadership style doesn’t translate to being “anti-PNoy”. But the President must realize that this rising tide of anger is not being orchestrated or instigated by political forces. it is a legitimate expression of the people’s grievances. If he fails to comprehend that, this sentiment could shift and become a strong “anti-PNoy” movement.

The quicksand of corruption

PNoy is only fully aware that the pork barrel is a vital component of his carrot-and-stick strategy to controlling the Congress. He understands that corruption is a necessary evil to serve as magnet to congressmen and senators to toe his line. Without the pork barrel, PNoy knows that he will be helpless, because in the first place, he doesn’t possess the leadership to steer the ship on the basis of principle and the common good. The corruption of the pork barrel is like a quicksand from which the PNoy administration can find no escape, and the entire nation will be swallowed with him.