Going back to the ‘Great Books’

I was schooled in public elementary and high school in Roxas City.
I wasn’t a diligent and studious student who earned praises from teachers.
At no time in my elementary and high school life did I carry more than one notebook, for the entire school year!
I didn’t do homework; heck, we didn’t even have textbooks for ourselves (we had to share a textbook 3:1, or three students per book, in high school).
But I read a lot. And I read the classics when I was in college.
The library became my refuge. It started at UPV where I was a freshman student. Then it continued at the Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion where I saw that the last borrower before me was often 10 or 15 years before.
And so I support this initiative to bring back our high school and college students to the classics, or a broader humanities program that would also include immersion in the arts, music and theater.