Must the blame game continue to escalate?

Must the blame game continue to escalate?

We have to remember PNoy sent Mar and Volt to Tacloban City to make sure every measure was taken to minimize casualties. What happened? Were Mar and Volt remiss, too? If they saw things were not OK, they still had time to carry out evacuations. Or were they there just for the TV cameras and the publicity? Just the same, tapos na yun. Our energy and focus should now stay on the relief operations, which are still slow as they are despite the influx of foreign assistance. PNoy should focus his attention on speeding up the movement of relief goods to the affected areas. And he must be reminded that it’s not just Tacloban, or Leyte and Samar, that’s been badly hit.

A rising tide of anger

Being critical of the President’s decisions and leadership style doesn’t translate to being “anti-PNoy”. But the President must realize that this rising tide of anger is not being orchestrated or instigated by political forces. it is a legitimate expression of the people’s grievances. If he fails to comprehend that, this sentiment could shift and become a strong “anti-PNoy” movement.

Is PNoy listening to the people?

There’s no mistaking the fact that public outrage over the pork barrel scam has breached the roof. If it can be compared to a scream in the movie, “Monster University”, its volume would have overshot the meter and damaged it. The frustration, the disgust and the anger were simply too much that Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle was overcome with emotion and cried. Everybody is enraged, and rightly so.

What was exposed is the P10 billion pork barrel that was disbursed through fake NGOs identified with Janet Lim-Napoles. A number of senators and congressmen have been linked to the scam, with money intended for development projects allegedly going to corruption with NGOs put up by Napoles as conduits. The cruelty of this act is palpable to everybody. In a nation where about three-fourths of the people live in abject poverty, a handful of people have schemed to siphon money that should have gone to their welfare.

But the President of the Republic, Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III is unperturbed. Until now, he doesn’t seem affected by the public outrage. Noynoy is “deadma” as the conflagration of collective anger and frustration rages outside of Malacanang. This leads one to wonder: Is PNoy listening to the people?