The year of living dangerously in Iloilo City

The year of living dangerously in Iloilo City

Two persons were seriously wounded just past midnight April 27 when unidentified suspects sprayed this car with automatic gunfire just outside the Western Visayas Medical Center in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.
The car’s owner, Lino Maranon, and a companion were taken to the St. Paul’s Hospital after the ambush in the busy street just 100 meters from the Mandurriao police station.
Police sources say this is apparently the handiwork of guns-for-hire, who seem to enjoy brisk business in a city run by a mayor with close links to drug lords and criminal syndicates.
Ironically, the city mayor is the chairman of the regional peace and order council. (Photo courtesy of Aksyon Radyo Iloilo)

Jing Jing Espinosa: “Vote straight T-M-E”

The cover photo of Jing Jing Espinosa’s wall displays the team poster of the Trenas-Mabilog-Espinosa ticket. He is the number one supporter and campaign funder of the Team Palagyo.



Blood stains mark the spot where Dario Duran, a known drug personality in Iloilo City, was murdered April 2 by two gunmen in plain view of shoppers at the Gaisano City Capital Mall in Lapaz district.
Duran was allegedly murdered over an unpaid debt for a huge supply of “shabu” from a local drug lord. Duran’s murder is just the latest in a string of drug-related violence in Iloilo City. (Photo credit: Joselito Villasis/Panay News)

Drug violence in Iloilo City

The casual manner by which a lone gunman shot and killed 58-year old Dario Duran in front of the crowded Gaisano City Capital mall in Lapaz district of Iloilo City on Tuesday afternoon sent a loud message to the entire community that drug violence is escalating. Drug lords are now starting to quarrel for territory, and they don’t care about the Comelec gun ban to enforce their wills.

This murder case isn’t a rare occurrence in Iloilo City. There have been a number of murders that have been disguised as ordinary homicides, but were actually connected to drug syndicates carrying out punitive measures against those who cross the big bosses.

One prominent case was that of a former illegal gambling bet collector in Jaro district who was shot dead a few days after police arrested drug pushers aboard a taxi operated by a suspected drug lord in Iloilo City. This happened in November last year. The victim was rumored to have been the informant who tipped off the police about taxi drivers and bet collectors as shabu couriers. He had to pay with his dear life.

Police sources say drug syndicates have recruited almost every ex-convict returning from prison terms in Bilibid. They form the army of enforcers for the drug syndicates. For the elections, they are tasked to harass, intimidate and coerce leaders of the opposition to desist from their campaign activities. And the drug syndicates have shown, as what happened at the Gaisano Capital City mall, their men simply ignore the gun ban to carry out their violent measures to assert their rule.

Jing Jing gets ready to rule Iloilo City

Jing Jing gets ready to rule Iloilo City

Jing Jing Espinosa is sporting a new hair style and displays his tattoo-filled back, with his pistol sticking out of his shorts, as he prepares to campaign hard for his candidates, Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog for city mayor, Jerry P. Trenas for congressman, and Joe III Espinosa for vice mayor.
The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency has validated reports that narco politics is poised to dominate Iloilo City with support from known drug lords for the incumbents.

PNP Regional Office 6 asked to probe Mabilog-Espinosa friendship

Iloilo City Hall ‘corrupt’ – business sector

Iloilo businessmen indict City Hall corruption

Front page of Panay News November 20, 2012

Barangay tanods in Barangay Monica armed to the teeth

Barangay Tanods (village watchmen) in Barangay Monica, City Proper, Iloilo City wield high-powered rifles in this photo posted by Jing Jing Espinosa. This is the barangay where his wife is the Punong Barangay (barangay captain). Under existing laws, these barangay tanods are not authorized to carry firearms. But the law doesn’t exist in this barangay where Jing Jing Espinosa is the high lord, with Jed Patrick E. Mabilog and Jerry Trenas as his patrons.

Mabilog: ‘I’m proud to be best friend of Jing Jing Espinosa”

Front page of The News Today, November 19, 2012.