Mag-ingat! Uma-atake ang dilaw na veerus!

As millions of Filipinos live in fear because of the corona virus (Covid 19) pandemic now sweeping through the archipelago, it is lamentable to see the yellow army stepping up their propaganda campaign to erode the people’s confidene in our government.

Wala silang pahinga sa pagpakalat ng kasinungalingan at distorted na impormasyon sa social media sa kanilang plano na pahina-in ang pamahalaan ni President Duterte kahit na araw-araw, lumalala ang sitwasyon sa ating bansa.

They want to sow fear and confusion. They want to destabilize the government.

Alam nilang abala si Pangulong Duterte at ang kanyang Cabinet, kaya sinasamantala nila ang sitwasyon upang atakehin na parang anay ang kalooban ng ating bansa. Inu-udyok nila ang taong bayan na magalit kay Pangulong Duterte.

May masamang balak sila. Gusto nila i-oust si Pangulong Duterte at papalitan ni Leni Robredo.

Panoorin niyo po ang YouTube video na ito upang ma-unawaan.

Robredo should now resign

The Supreme Court en banc is expected to vote overwhelmingly today, Oct. 8, to junk the draft report of Justice Benjamin Caguioa recommending the dismissal of the election protest filed by former Senator Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo.

This victory is just the first step for Marcos. It means the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, is convinced that rampant fraud attended the elections for the VP position in the May 16, 2016 election. It is a signal for phase two to conduct manual recount in other provinces to proceed.

Atty. Romulo Macalintal is right when he said that win or lose, Robredo would still be sitting as VP. But this decision erodes the credibility of Robredo’s victory. The PET has found evidence of fraud as claimed by Marcos. Her victory becomes empty. It is a paper victory. She stole the vice presidency from the people.

Under the circumstances, Robredo should resign. She lost all moral right to stay on as vice president. Each time she appears in public as VP, she will look repugnant to the Filipino people. This is particularly so because the latest SWS survey shows her satisfaction ratings to have dropped to 50% only. The Filipino people continue to reject her.

A BBM victory in the offing?

With four days left before the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), convenes to deliberate and vote on the results of the manual recount, speculations have been flying thick, and a veteran journalist even saying it’s going to be an 8-6 vote in favor of Bongbong Marcos.

That a vote has already been taken ahead of the Oct. 8 schedule is not unusual. Justices usually signify their votes so that it can be established what the majority’s position is, and a ponente assigned to write the decision. The Oct. 8 session is more of a formality, perhaps with clarificatory questions, before the final vote is made.

Citing sources, Philippine Star columnist Federico Pascual, Jr. said the outcome is 8 justices voting to rule that fraud was uncovered in the manual recount and allow Marcos to continue with the revision of ballots in other provinces he identifies. Six voted in the negative, which basically means that there is significant fraud that could change the outcome of the elections.

It must be emphasized that this doesn’t mean that Marcos will be declared the winner, and Leni Robredo to step down. It will simply affirm what Marcos had claimed: that there was massive cheating in these pilot provinces. If the recount show lower number of votes for Robredo, and a higher number for BBM, then that would be reflected in the results.

Victory for BBM will have to wait at least one more year, that is assuming the pace of the second part of the manual revision will proceed much faster. Still, it will be a big blow on Robredo, for it will prove she had won by cheating. Her hold to her position, already shaky as it is, will grow weaker and weaker.

One more week: SC defers vote on Bongbong protest to Oct. 8

It seems the Supreme Court is being extra careful about deciding on the electoral protest of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos against the victory of Leni Robredo as Vice President.

Just this afternoon, veteran journalist Edu Punay tweeted that the High Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal,, had reset its deliberation and voting on the report of Justice Benjamin Caguioa on the results for the pilot provinces to Oct. 8.

This one week delay in the voting only adds to the growing suspense on the outcome of the protest.

Marcos has insisted that he lost to Robredo due to massive cheating that took place not only in the three pilot provinces, but in many other provinces of the country.

The official count showed that Robredo won by a margin of 263,473 votes, which is considered a hairline victory in the race for the second highest post of the land.

Suspense: Nation awaits verdict on Leni-Bongbong case

Like most Filipinos, I am eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court’s announcement on the manual recount conducted by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal for ballots cast in the provinces of Iloilo, Negros Oriental and Camarines Sur in the May 2016 elections for Vice President.

It’s been three years since former Senator Bongbong Marcos filed a protest on the results of the elections and challenged the victory of Leni Robredo in the VP race. Based on the results, Robredo narrowly defeated Marcos by 263,473 votes. It was a hairline victory at best, and Marcos’s protest has drawn widespread belief that he is the rightful VP.

On Sept. 10, 2019, the Supreme Court spokesman, Atty. Brian Keith Hosaka, told media that the PET chaired by Justice Benjamin Caguioa, had submitted the results of its revision for the three pilot provinces. He declined to give a clue on the contents of the report.

The announcement triggered a flood of speculations in social media. Was there really fraud in these three provinces? If we look back to the revision activities during last year, there were instances when tell-tale signs of ballot boxes being compromised were discovered. The ballot boxes have security features to ensure that the contents are not manipulated or destroyed. The condition of many boxes put the integrity of the ballots in question.

We can imagine our Supreme Court Justices going over the PET report with a fine-toothed comb. As Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin said, the High Court has to go carefully on this matter because of the paramount public interest involved. But we also hope that the agonizing wait will not last too long. Filipinos want to know the truth.

Marcos needs only to prove one thing with this first phase of the protest: that indeed, cheating had taken place in the three pilot provinces. Nobody can tell as yet on just how much cheating did take place, if any. But a finding to that effect would be fatal to Robredo even if the recount’s results fail to change the result to favor Marcos.

Robredo as presidential bet in 2022: pure hallucination

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV believes that Vice President Leni Robredo is the opposition’s best bet to run as President in 2022. He described her as a “widow to be reckoned with.” Well, everybody is entitled to dream big. But this one is pure hallucination. Robredo is the worst candidate the opposition can field against the administration in the next Presidential elections.

For one thing, Robredo’s ascendancy to the Vice Presidency is shrouded in doubt amid allegations of massive cheating. Iloilo is one of the pilot provinces chosen by former Senator Bongbong Marcos in his protest for recount. I have reason to be believe the results of the elections in 2016 was manipulated to give Leni a big margin in Iloilo.

Heck, she was a total unknown in Iloilo. How could she have obtained the 573,829 votes canvassed in her favor as against Marcos’s 94,411? Bongbong Marcos has many followers in Iloilo, especially among the older voters. His wife’s family, the Aranetas, also wields considerable influence in Iloilo. Had she just won by a 100,000, that would have been more believable.

Anyway, the Presidential Electoral Tribunal is reportedly set to announce the results of the recount. We’ll wait and see what the outcome is.

But to say that Robredo is presidential timber is far, far off the mark. It is a wild, wild dream of an opposition incapable of putting up a credible candidate for the Presidency. There will be no President from that side of the fence for a long, long time.

Ano daw? Destiny?

Pinatunayan lang ni Madam Leni Robredo, ang temporary occupant sa tanggapan ng Pangalawang Pangulo ng Pilipinas, na BOBA siya ng sinabi sa media na bukas daw sa kanya ang posibilidad na tumakbo bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas sa 2022.


leni robredo credit inquirer nino jesus orbeta

Photo credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Hanggang ngayon ba may illusion pa si Madam Leni na may pag-asa siyang manalo bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas?Anoooo?

Hindi pa ba sapat ang ZERO performance ng Liberal Party sa pinakahuling national elections? Wala kahit isa ang nakapasok sa winning circle na 12. Kahit ang kandidato ng LP sa pagka Pangulo noong 2016 — si Mar Roxas — ay hindi nga nakalusot sa kabila ng napakalaking gastos sa media advertisements.

Sinasabi ni Madam Leni na naniniwala siya sa DESTINY.

Wala naman daw siyang balak na tumakbo bilang congresswoman ng 3rd District ng Camarines Sur noong 2013. Nag back out lang sa last minute ang kandidato ng LP, kaya daw siya napilitan na tumakbo. Nanalo nga siya, marahil dahil wala pa isang taon pa lang mula nang namatay ang asawa niyang si Jesse.

Alam ng buong bansa na hindi nanalo si Madam Leni sa pagka Bise. Na PCOS lang niya ang resulta sa tulong ni dating COMELEC chairman Andres Bautista. (Ano na nga ba ang nangyari sa kaso ni Bautista?)

Libre ang mangarap, Madam Leni.

Pero nakakabaliw na yan na pangarap ang sa iyo.

Malayong-malayo ka na manalo bilang Pangulo. You are so very unpopular sa mga Filipino. Isa rin ikaw sa dahilan kung bakit ni isa, walang nanalo sa LP sa May 13, 2019 elections. Mas makakabuti yan sa iyo na ipasok mo yan sa kokote mo. Sa sinabi mong yan, mukhang tama talaga si DFA Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin na BOBA ka.

May panagotan daw si Teddy Boy, sabi ni Kiko

Dumepensa si Senador Kiko Pangilinan sa bise presidente sa pagtawag sa kanya na “boba” ni DFA Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin o TBL. Paglabag daw ito sa RA 6713, o yung Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. Hindi raw karapatdapat na tawagin ni TBL na “boba” si Madam Leni Robredo. Bakit ano ba ang masama doon?

Totoo naman ang sinabi ni TBL, di ba?

Kung ako kay Kiko at ang natitirang kasamahan nito sa hanay ng mga dilawan, sikapin nila na turuan si Madam Leni kung ano ang nakarapatdapat na sabihin sa araw-araw na pagsilbi nito bilang bise presidente.

Napakaraming palpak sa mga pahayag at kilos ni Madam Leni. Mabait na nga si TBL sa pagtawag nito na “boba” ang pekeng VP.

Ang violation ng RA 6713 ay puwedeng kasohan sa Civil Service Commission o sa Office of the Ombudsman.

Mamili na lang si Kiko kung saan niya isasampa ang kaso.

Marami pa ang papalakpak kay TBL at sisigaw sa saya pag mangyari yan.

May gamot ba sa BOBA katulad ni Leni?

Masakit pakinggan pero totoo.

Binuksan lang ni pekeng VP Leni ang katotohanan na BOBA talaga siya ng mag-warning na huwag daw ikansela ang diplomatic passport ni dating DFA Secretary Alberto del Rosario.

Sa kanyang Twitter post, brutal na brutal ang reaksyon ni DFA Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin nang tinawag niya na BOBA si Leni.

Ito ang Tweet ni @teddyboylocsin:


Sa totoo lang, matagal nang alam ng bayan ang kabobohan ni Leni.

Each time magsalita siya, palaging fumble play kung sa larong basketball pa.

Talagang walang alam.

Ang sa masamang palad, walang gamot para sa boba katulad ni Leni.

Nakakatakot isipin na she is just one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Oo kitang-kita sa mga kilos at salita ni Leni na atat na atat siyang mapa-alis sa puwesto si Pangulong Duterte at aakyan siya sa pagka Pangulo by succession.

O Diyos ko, huwag niyo naman pong parusahan ang Pilipinas.

It’s bad enough that she is the reigning VP.

Disaster po ang mangyayari pag naging Pangulo yan.

Bakit ang tagal ng recount sa VP race

Nakakainip na itong manual recount na ginagawa ng Presidential Electoral Tribunal sa protesta na ini-akyat ni dating Senador Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos, Jr. laban sa pagproclaim kay Leni Robredo bilang winner sa eleksyon sa pagka Bise Presidente.

Sa mga balita na dumarating sa publiko, tapos na ang “revision” o mano-mano na pagbasa ng mga balota sa tatlong pilot provinces na Camarines Sur, Iloilo at Negros Oriental.

Mahirap maunawaan ang delay sa pag resolba sa kasong ito. Unfair sa kay Robredo. Unfair sa kay BBM. Unfair sa taumbayan. Wala pong justification ang patuloy na delay sa recount.

Bawat kampo ay nagsasabi na ang kandidato nila ang nanalo.

Wala nang ibang makakasabi ng katotohanan kondi ang PET na pinamumuno-an ni Justice Benjamin Caguioa.

Mga sir, maawa na po kayo sa amin.

Hindi na namin matiis ang suspense.

Eh kung si Leni nga ang nanalo, di siya na!

Pero kailan malinaw ang pagkasabi upang mabura ang anumang pandududa.