Overcoming our fear of rejection to save our nation

I listened to a podcast this afternoon that featured ‪#‎jiajiang‬ and his overcoming fear of rejection advocacy.
So many of us are straitjacketed by this fear of rejection. We don’t even want to take the first step of what we want to do because we are afraid of failure.
But Jia Jiang has turned his lessons from his life’s failures into a profitable enterprise, and for good reason. Many people want to find out how they could hurdle this biggest obstacle to their personal success.
I must say that this conquest of the fear of rejection is what has made me keep doing this fight against corruption.
For me, I cannot fail. And if I do fail, it’s not because I didn’t try hard enough. I know that it’s a life mission given to me by God.
As Jia Jiang pointed out, all of us have dreams about what we could be, or what we could do, in this world.
And most people focus their attention on making money. Almost as soon as they make their fortune, they realize their lives are empty. There’s something missing. They feel they haven’t done what they are set out to do.
It doesn’t take too long to figure out that it’s about serving other people. All of us want to serve our community, our nation, and God, in one way or another. That is what gives us the ultimate satisfaction.
But then, most of us are held back by a fear of rejection.
In the political stage, for instance, many good-intentioned men and women shy away from active engagement because they are afraid. For them, winning is everything, and anything that does not promise victory is anathema to them.
This is precisely the reason why our nation is stuck in rotten straits. The good have abdicated the role to govern this nation to the bad. We are in acute shortage of heroes, men and women who will risk everything to stop evil from winning the battle over the fate of our people.
Unless these men and women overcome this fear of rejection, corruption will continue to reign in our country. We need courageous men and women in these times of darkness.