Whistle blower confirms ‘ghost job hires’ in Iloilo City Hall

Whistle blower confirms 'ghost job hires' in Iloilo City Hall

A former NPA commander who has returned to the folds of the law 22 years ago confirmed yesterday (May 9) that he and 24 other persons from his barangay in Jaro, Iloilo City are ghost job hire employees of Jed Patrick Mabilog.
Macario Aloquin said a syndicate in the Mabilog administration has been collecting their wages amounting to P6,880 a month since October 2012 even though none of them are really working.
Aloquin said he discovered from payroll records that his name continues to be listed in a job hire contract for the period March 1-June 30, 2013 even though he has cut his ties from Mabilog since December 2012.

Mabilog bodyguard arrested for murder

A notorious criminal who frequently served as bodyguard of Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog during his visits to Barangay Monica was arrested by police recently for the crime of murder.
The suspect, Benjamin Espinosa, is the right-hand man of Jing Jing Espinosa. He is charged for the murder of trisikad driver Jimmy Bais in the victim’s home in Barangay Monica in September 2012.
Espinosa is now detained without bail.
Benjie Espinosa is also accused along with Jing Jing for the shooting of their uncles, Pascual “Toto” Espinosa III, Leo Espinosa and Sergio “Kap Boy” Espinosa three years ago.

The year of living dangerously in Iloilo City

The year of living dangerously in Iloilo City

Two persons were seriously wounded just past midnight April 27 when unidentified suspects sprayed this car with automatic gunfire just outside the Western Visayas Medical Center in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.
The car’s owner, Lino Maranon, and a companion were taken to the St. Paul’s Hospital after the ambush in the busy street just 100 meters from the Mandurriao police station.
Police sources say this is apparently the handiwork of guns-for-hire, who seem to enjoy brisk business in a city run by a mayor with close links to drug lords and criminal syndicates.
Ironically, the city mayor is the chairman of the regional peace and order council. (Photo courtesy of Aksyon Radyo Iloilo)

Encroachment on the Iloilo River

Encroachment on the Iloilo River

Two years ago, Senator Franklin Drilon and Jed Mabilog made a big fuss about conducting a survey of the original metes and bounds of the Iloilo river. It was supposed to determine the encroachments made by private land owners on the river, which is public property. Nothing ever came out of that survey. Now, Drilon and Mabilog are leading a government project to encroach on the river to build a new Esplanade going towards the property of Mabilog in Tap-oc Molo! It costs P33 million just for the reclamation. Another monument of corruption.

Another view from a Bridge

Another view from a Bridge

This is the much-ballyhooed Esplanade in Iloilo City as viewed from the Carpenter Bridge in Molo. This is the reverse view of the previous post showing a squatter colony on the other side of the bridge.



Blood stains mark the spot where Dario Duran, a known drug personality in Iloilo City, was murdered April 2 by two gunmen in plain view of shoppers at the Gaisano City Capital Mall in Lapaz district.
Duran was allegedly murdered over an unpaid debt for a huge supply of “shabu” from a local drug lord. Duran’s murder is just the latest in a string of drug-related violence in Iloilo City. (Photo credit: Joselito Villasis/Panay News)

Mabilog mocks election law

Mabilog mocks election law

With this giant tarpaulin billboard that’s bigger than a jeepney, Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog is making a mockery of the election law guidelines on the sizes of campaign propaganda materials. Is he above the law?

DOJ junks Jing Jing Espinosa’s motion for reconsideration

The Department of Justice has rejected a motion for reconsideration filed by alleged drug lord Jesus “Jing Jing” Espinosa Jr. on the resolution finding him and his first cousin, Benjie Espinosa, culpable for two counts of frustrated murder and one count of attempted murder.

In a resolution handed down last week, DOJ assistant state prosecutor Rohairah A. Lao, the DOJ ruled that there was nothing new in the arguments raised by Espinosa that have not been exhaustively tackled in her resolution dated October 12, 2012. Hence, her resolution on the case still stands, she said.

With this resolution, the Iloilo Regional Trial Court Branch 26 under presiding judge Antonio Natino is expected to issue warrants of arrest against the Espinosa cousins for allegedly shooting their own uncles — Pascual “Toto E” Espinosa III, Leo Espinosa and Sergio Espinosa — shortly after midnight on June 1, 2010 outside the victims’ ancestral house in Barangay Monica, City Proper.

Jing Jing Espinosa rose to prominence last year after he posted photographs showing his close friendship with City Mayor Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog, Congressman Jerry Trenas and Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa III.

Job hires

The Mabilog administration is pinning its hopes of re-election on a giant political campaign machinery composed of 10,000 job hires (contractual daily wage workers) that is costing the Iloilo City government an estimated P65 million a month in public funds.

The job hires are tucked in so-called “development projects” funded under the city’s 20% Development Fund. The projects ranged from beautification, cleanliness, anti-smoking, anti-jay walking, anti-pornography and many more. On paper, the design to use public funds to hire people for political purposes isn’t apparent. One will have to investigate into the breakdown of the project cost to see that a huge portion — as much as 90% — is allocated for contractual services.

It’s easy to see that the 10,000 job hires do not contribute to development. They hardly perform any public service. Their only reason for existence on the government payroll is an ability to deliver a minimum of 10 votes each. The math is simple: 10,000 x 10 is 100,000 votes. That’s enough to guarantee victory for Mabilog.

In the dialect, people call it “ginisa sa aton kaugalingon nga mantika”. People’s money is being used to perpetuate Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog in power. Never mind that money that can be used to help the poor is being wasted. For Mabilog, the end justifies the means.

The question arises: Is the expenditure for the payroll of the job hires covered by Resolution No. 9585 of the Commission on Elections? Clearly, the money spent isn’t the MOOE that is needed to run the government. It falls under the category of projects.

This is a shameless abuse by the Mabilog government. It is the highest form of corruption. It is a betrayal of public trust. It would be good for Comelec to address this issue before the campaign period for local elections starts on March 30.

The ‘baluktot’ gang strikes again

I received a text message shortly after lunch on Friday, March 15, that BIR commissioner Kim Henares had just concluded a press conference informing the Iloilo media about the elevation of the agency’s case against UNA mayoralty candidate Rommel Ynion to the Court of Tax Appeals. The charge: that Rommel Ynion had a tax deficiency of P46 million (down from the original claim of P84 million) from the operations of his businesses in previous years.

At first, it didn’t register in my mind that Henares conducted her press conference in Iloilo City. When I did, I suddenly realized that Rommel Ynion is now battling with the national government itself —- the Aquino administration. What wrongs have Rommel Ynion committed to warrant such a full-scale attack from the national government? There are so many tax cheats around, and they hardly merit time and space from the BIR (ina-areglo lang ang kaso).

The answer is politics. Henares quipped that she isn’t aware that Rommel Ynion is a candidate for city mayor. Who would believe her on that? Why was sent over to Iloilo City to hold the press conference? And why the haste in bringing the case to the Court of Tax Appeals? Somebody must really be so eager to put Rommel Ynion in bad light.

This is apparently another handiwork of the “baluktot” gang in Iloilo City, the gang of politicians who are raking hundreds of millions of pesos from infrastructure projects that they banner as “development projects”. They see Rommel Ynion as a threat to their rackets, and they want him out of the way. President Aquino is being misled about the true state of things in Iloilo City. The crooks are on his side, not on the other side.

Is President Aquino being blinded about the rampant corruption of Jed Patrick Mabilog and Jerry Trenas? Is he aware of the corruption in the Hall of Justice? Instead of a “matuwid na daan”, we are seeing a crooked road in Iloilo City, and the guys on the deck are this gang of three — Drilon, Trenas and Mabilog. Well, if their purpose is to harass and persecute, Rommel Ynion has vowed to fight to the last breath exposing the truth about the corruption. He will not surrender to this arrogant abuse of power.