Don’t blame me, Mr. Senate President

I find it pathetic for Senate President Franklin Drilon to blame me for any delays in the completion of the Iloilo Convention Center.

I did nothing to stop the project. All I did was file a case before the Ombudsman. It’s not my fault that the procurement and implementation of this project is fraught with violations of the law. The bidding was rigged, and the project is overpriced. Am I to be blamed for these irregularities?
The Senate President should stop blaming anybody else. It’s his fault. He engineering everything.
And why must contractors be afraid to join the bidding? In his statement before the Blue Ribbon Committee, Efren Canlas of Hilmarcs Construction Corp. said he didn’t join the first bidding for Phase II because he found the approved budget for the contract too low. That is perhaps the reason why contractors aren’t taking part in the bidding.
Definitely, it’s not my fault that Canlas and other contractors look at it that way.

Tear down the veil of hypocrisy

Many Ilonggos are angry to hear that our city grabbed the national limelight as the “bird’s nest of corruption” in the country.
They should be angry. Nobody wants to see our city gain such notoriety. And I equally angry and hurt to see it happen.
Why did I have to say that before the Senate? I have to let the entire nation know that corruption of unprecedented magnitude is draining the public coffers so rapidly, and there’s no effort to plug the leak.
The problem is not me. These Ilonggos should not turn their anger at me. They should be angry at the people who preside over this empire of corruption. Our city can never be great again if this continues.
Am I fabricating facts about corruption?
No. What I mentioned are just the more prominent of the graft-ridden projects we have seen in Iloilo City. At the lower level, we have the “tuklo” in the public markets, the procurement scandals in City Hall and traffic aides filching money from jeepney drivers.
If these people still don’t comprehend the magnitude of the problem, then, they too, become part of the problem.
We can never stop corruption for as long as we pretend not to se