Priest: ‘Napoles is our common name’

Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino wrote an interesting column piece in the Manila Standard Today entitled, “Napoles names us all“.

Dean Tony La Vina reposted the item on his Facebook wall where it drew criticism from some of his friends. Basically, Fr. Aquino told us that Janet Lim Napoles isn’t the sole culprit here. The Filipino people is as guilty as everybody else in this mess. That’s because we did nothing to prevent this from happening.

Fr. Aquino is right. By our apathy, by our prolonged silence, By our inability to express disgust early on, we allowed this situation to build up. We nurtured it. We cultivated it. As a people, we made it easy for politicians to pull this off.

We are guilty of the sin of indifference, of apathy. As a people we have embraced silence as default reaction to the things that happen around us. We witness corruption and we look the other way. We don’t even utter a single word of condemnation. And when somebody brings it up, we look at that person with disdain, with suspicion.

Now an outraged nation wants to gather at the Luneta on Aug. 26 to ventilate their grievances. We just might be able to pressure government to abolish the pork barrel. But then again, things will momentarily quiet down, and it won’t be too long before evil forces pick up from where they left.

Our biggest enemy is ourselves. We are fond of self-flagellation. We are mortally hurt from self-inflicted wounds. Indifference is what led us to where we are today.