Disturb the wrong doers

Much of the energy and drive I have for exposing corruption and filing cases against those involved come from the sermons I hear from Sunday masses.

Last Sunday, we heard mass at the St. Clement’s Church in Lapaz presided over by Fr. Bing Simacio and I particularly found strength in his sermon on the Gospel from Luke 12:49-53. He spoke about the seeming contradiction between the statements of Jesus Christ about peace. In the Gospel, Jesus said: “Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.”

Fr. Simacio put this in the context of what is happening in our society nowadays, especially with the problem on corruption and illegal drugs. Peace is not about avoiding conflict when it means just keeping quiet about the wrongs that happen around us. We can only achieve genuine peace with God if we give testimony to His Words. We lose that opportunity when we “preserve peace” by just letting wrongs go unchallenged.

“Disturb the wrongdoers,” Fr. Simacio said. We fulfill God’s mission for us by helping expose the corrupt and confront them about what they are doing.

Those words gave them another dose of strength and energy. I came from Church with renewed sense of purpose and felt reinforced. This is the same feeling I always get when I listen to the sermons of Fr. Boboy Palencia at the Sto. Niño Sur Mission Chapel at SM Delgado.