Desperately seeking true leaders

This government is characterized more by what is absent than what is obvious.
The obvious is that it is a gang of greedy thieves who thought wearing yellow would deodorize their evil schemes.
But what is absent is capacity for intellectual and moral leadership.
We have a President with a known disdain for matters intellectual. Hence, his ability to confront problems with knowledge and acuity of vision is seriously impaired.
Our legislature isn’t much different.
There are bright minds among our Senators and Congressmen, but the corrupt way that this Administration does business has reduced them to obedient lapdogs whose minds have warped.

No wonder our nation is wallowing in a quagmire. 

The people at the helm of the ship don’t look at a moral compass for guidance. Their maps are filled with bank account numbers disguised as grid coordinates. For them, stealing is okay when done in good faith.
Our dire straits make us long for those days when only intellectual giants gained entry to the highest positions of the land.
We long for Recto, Tanada, Diokno, Salonga and Ganzon in the halls of our Congress to make us feel secure our fate and destiny are placed in the hands of genuine leaders.
It’s time for men and women possessed with great minds and moral uprightness to lead this country

Remove the pork, save our nation

The cauldron is boiling. Filipinos are aghast, and mad, over the insensitivity of our political leaders over the issue of the pork barrel. Both Houses of Congress have refused to conduct investigations into the scams that enabled a few people to rake in billions of pesos in pubic funds. Even the President of the Republic has shown no interest in the issue.

Is it because, as these officials claim, they are innocent? My answer is “no”. Everybody in the business is equally culpable. The corruption in the misuse of the pork barrel doesn’t end with Janet Napoles. It goes all the way up to the palace.

Let’s not kid ourselves anymore. The pork barrel is the number one reason these men and women want to be congressmen and senators. More than half of them can’t even understand the basics of legislation. Making laws, or doing things that would advance the welfare of the people, are the least of their priorities.

It’s clear the pork barrel will have to go. That’s the best course of action for this nation to survive. Remove the source of corruption, and the picture will change drastically. The rich and powerful will have less motivation to aspire for public office. Without the prospect of earning from kickbacks, they will be forced to work, as in really work.

The quicksand of corruption

PNoy is only fully aware that the pork barrel is a vital component of his carrot-and-stick strategy to controlling the Congress. He understands that corruption is a necessary evil to serve as magnet to congressmen and senators to toe his line. Without the pork barrel, PNoy knows that he will be helpless, because in the first place, he doesn’t possess the leadership to steer the ship on the basis of principle and the common good. The corruption of the pork barrel is like a quicksand from which the PNoy administration can find no escape, and the entire nation will be swallowed with him.