Bogus Part 2: FLM and Norman Mangusin are one and the same

It’s really true that you catch a fish by its mouth.

In probing into the glaring fraud being perpetuated by Francis Leo Marcos, I didn’t have to look far to establish the fact that he is a pathological liar. I just looked at his “official biography” which he peddled to online websites masquerading as news organizations. The tall tales and lies are so obvious it  makes me wonder why most people didn’t detect them at once.

The first, of course, was the lie FLM (that’s what his oversized ego wants himself called) about his education. He claims to have obtained his secondary education from the “National High School of Massachusetts”. It doesn’t exist. Then he embellishes his biography even more with a fatter lie: he graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

On Sunday night I published a video on YouTube questioning this claim. The next day, Francis Leo responded and made a show about how pained he was that people like me could doubt his generosity. More lies. But he never addressed the issue that he had lied about his education. He put up a show to make it appear he is a victim of persecution. Classic performance of a con artist. And then his minions attacked me on social media.

If FLM and his rabid followers thought they could bully me with bashing, they are wrong. Sanay na ako sa bashing sa panahon ni former City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog. When I started exposing his corruption and his connections with drug lords, he fielded an army of trolls to attack me every day, from morning till evening, on Facebook and Twitter. Tinulungan pa siya ng pinsan niya na si Senator Franklin Drilon after I also exposed the corruption in the Iloilo Convention Center and other DAP-funded projects.

At hindi lang bashing. May guns-for-hire pa na palaging bumubuntot sa akin, just waiting for a chance to ambush me. Mga tauhan ng mga drug lord. Tinitira ko kasi ang kanilang illegal na negosyo sa Iloilo. Kaya lang, pinahiram ako ng kaibigan ko na si Rommel Ynion ng bullet-proof na sasakyan. Binigyan din ako ng apat na bodyguards, mga dating sundalo na beterano sa Mindanao. Napatay na ang dalawang drug lords, at nabilanggo ang pangatlo. Salamat sa Diyos at niligtas Niya ako sa Panganib.

Anyway, FLM is a classic con artist. The worst among the lot. His style is crude. But somehow he’s been able to fool hundreds of thousands of people.

In one of his videos, FLM admitted that he and Norman Mangusin are one and the same individual. It came directly from him. It’s almost like a criminal confessing on YouTube. Indeed, “you catch a fish by its mouth.” Here is his confession on YouTube:

This is enough to demolish the fraudulent story that FLM has been peddling to his blind followers. But credit it to him that his rabid supporters refuse to let that damaging confession change their perception of the man.

In part two of my YouTube video series, I explained that FLM’s ostentatious display of his so-called “fabulous wealth” is part of the deception. I showed that he liked to put his hands close to the camera so that viewers will not miss his gold watch, bracelet and oversized rings studded with what looks like diamonds (I use “looks like” because fake diamond rings are a dime a dozen). This is a personality trait that is common among con artists, or budol-budol operators as we know them.

In part three which I am now shooting and editing, I will explain the psychological basis for my claim that FLM a.k.a. Norman Mangusin belongs to the top level of fraudsters. If we use disease as an analogy, FLM is stage IV cancer. Masyadong delikado para sa lipunan. And his victims are not even aware of it.

Yesterday, I found out that FLM tried to solicit donations to his “Volunteers Against Poverty Foundation.” I have screen shots of his social media posters that shows an account number with the Philippine National Bank. I will request the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate this fraud. The posters have since been taken down from Facebook. Natakot si FLM na mabisto. But I have the evidence. Maghanda ka Mr. Norman Mangusin.