Blood in his hands

There is a clear effort to steer away the blame from the Commander-in-Chief, President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, over the bloody‪#‎MamasapanoClash‬ fiasco.
But we have to remember that it happened because Mr. Aquino broke all the rules. He embarked on this operation without the knowledge and participation of his national security team. He entrusted it to his suspended friend, Alan Purisima.
It was the President himself who disregarded the chain of command. He violated the Constitution and the law. It matters little what information was filtered to him on the day on the operation. He must take full responsibility for what happened. The blame must not just fall on Police Director Getulio Napeñas. It should not even fall on Purisima.
No matter how hard he tries to wash his hands, the blood will forever glisten with freshness in his hands.

The people’s wrath

The first time President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III and his bosom friend Alan Purisima were under fire 26 years ago, they escaped with minor scratches.
Those were real bullets they had to face.
Now, it is the wrath of the people they are confronted with. Not as deadly as the first encounter, but it is unlikely the two friends will survive this one (although they will be live long enough to suffer the consequences).

Obvious facts

The January 9 mission update given by Director Getulio Napeñas, erstwhile SAF commander, for the President in the presence of resigned PNP DG Alan Purisima established the following facts: a) The mission had the president’s approval. b) Purisima was tasked by the President to oversee the mission. c) The last instructions were given by the President to Purisima during those moments Napeñas and Mendez were waiting outside the Bahay Pangarap. d) These instructions were what Purisima relayed to Napeñas when he emerged from that private conversation with the President.

A giant comeback

The appointment of Janet Garin as DOH secretary completes the comeback of the 1st district political dynasty in the national stage.Janet Garin
It shows the political adroitness of the patriarch, former Congressman Oscar Garin, in jumping from one administration to another.
The Garins have never stayed out of the political loop of every administration for too long.
In 2000, Oca Garin was appointed by Pres. Erap as presidential assistant for Western Visayas. He hesitated. He accepted the appointment sometime in November 2000 or thereabouts. By January 2001, Erap was kicked out from office, leaving Garin drifting in the political ocean.
But true to form, Garin quickly got into the good graces of the Gloria Arroyo administration. Before long, he was appointed as chief of the Philippine Coconut Authority.
Garin was a marked man as far as Liberal Party leader Franklin Drilon was concerned. Drilon regarded him as a mortal enemy. Corruption issues flew thick in Garin’s wake. In 2010, Garin campaigned for Villar. When he saw that the victory of Noynoy was unstoppable, changed colors three days before the elections.
It was not enough to gain him entry into the good graces of the Aquino administration. He was ultimately removed as PCA chairman and once again stayed as a benchwarmer.
That changed, however, in 2012. Drilon embraced Garin to pave the way for a “unification ticket” for the Liberal Party. Garin’s wife and children all ran under the LP banner in 2013 and won. Janet Garin was appointed DOH undersecretary.
And now Janet is DOH secretary. Oca Garin must be wearing a big smile these days. He has once again outmaneuvered everybody, including the grand old man of the Liberal Party in Iloilo, Niel Tupas Sr.
Tupas, who sacrificed greatly for party platform and principles, does not even hold an appointive position.
I am not saying that Dr. Janet Garin is not competent. She is intelligent and capable. She might even make a good DOH secretary.
But the message is that this appointment conveys is that the Aquino administration has embraced traditional politics as a means to survival and strengthen its chances of getting a partymate to succeed H.E. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III on June 30, 2016.

Evil genius

I agree with former Senator Joker Arroyo.
The crafting of the DAP and its misuse to strengthen the hold of the Liberal Party on Philippine politics was evil.
It stands in contradiction with the principles of the Liberal Party.
Its so-called “noble intentions” could be compared to the desire of Adolf Hitler to eradicate the Jewish race and “cleanse” the German nation.
DAP stands for tyranny, which is evil.
DAP sought to undermine the very foundations of our democracy.
It endeavored to use corruption to get rid of the perceived enemies of society, only to replace them with a worse kind.

The Supreme Court as the final arbiter and savior

The Supreme Court as the final arbiter and savior

This is a perfect situation where the system for checks and balance was put into place. The Executive and the Legislative have corroborated (to use a milder term than “conspired”) to tweak the budget process and allow them to abuse and misuse public funds. True, the people have a role to play in rectifying the wrongs, but the system is so corrupted that the voice of the people is rendered out of tune. The electoral ballot, the only weapon ordinary citizens have to bring about change, has been debased by vote-buying fed by this abuse of the system. Hence, in this situation, only the Judiciary stands as the institution capable of saving the nation.

A citizen’s demand

I demand an explanation from the Office of the President on the circumstances behind the attempt of DILG Usec Rico Puno to break into the offices and condominium of the late Jesse Robredo and search for sensitive documents pertaining to an investigation being conducted on anomalous transactions.

The Robredo Legacy

The death of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo suddenly thrust to the fore the good deeds he has done in the name of public service. Indeed, it is sad that a good man like Secretary Robredo would leave this world early, with the reforms in local governance he set in motion barely having gained solid foothold.
But in death, it would seem that Secretary Robredo achieved what he had struggled to push forward in his lifetime. Even though he was denied confirmation as Cabinet Secretary, Jesse raised the nation’s awareness that a public official can do good while avoiding the temptations of corruption. He showed us a public official can live a simple life, without the trappings of power, and deliver on his oath of office.

Simplicity. Dedication to public service. Integrity. These are just a few traits that Secretary Robredo became known for. While alive, he found that these ideals did not really fall into a warm embrace under an administration that vowed a “matuwid na daan”. His reform agenda encountered stiff resistance.
Sad, because not even President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III was sold out to him and only reluctantly appointed him to the DILG portfolio. Robredo had to suffer in silence and humiliation when President Aquino carved the DILG portfolio and gave the law enforcement and public safety aspects to his shooting buddy, Undersecretary Rico Puno.
In grief, the Filipino nation can resolve to achieve what Secretary Robredo started out to do. The standards of a transparent and effective governance that he set during the 18 years that he served as City Mayor of Naga City should be carved in the nation’s conscience as the new measuring stick. We should put our elected officials accountable to that level of performance.