What? Only one Iloilo City barangay captain in PDEA/DILG narcolist?

The disclosure made by the DILG and PDEA of the 207 barangay officials involved in illegal drugs left many Ilonggos shaking their heads in disbelief. That’s because the three most prominent barangay captains linked to the illegal drugs trade are not on the list. Only one — Barangay Captain Gemma Calzado of Kasing-kasing, Molo — was included in the list. All in all, the DILG and PDEA listed only 90 barangay captains from all over the country as being involved in illegal drugs, either as protectors or in the illicit trade itself.

What happened to Remia Prevendido-Gregori of Bakhaw, Dabing Espinosa of Monica-Blumentritt and Noemi Hablo of Desamparados? To this date, Barangay Bakhaw continues to be the hotbed of the illegal drugs trade in Iloilo City. Gregori is the sister of the slain drug group leader Richard Prevendido. Her son, Bonifacio, is in jail for being a drug dealer.

Dabing Espinosa is the wife of Jing Jing Espinosa, reputed to be the right-hand man of Melvin “Boyet” Odicta who was gunned down with his wife, Miriam, at the Caticlan port in Malay, Aklan on August 29, 2016. His house was raided by the police in October 2016; drugs and firearms were found in his house. Surprisingly, no charges were filed against Dabing despite the fact that the house is conjugal, and she was the incumbent barangay captain. Jing Jing surrendered to the court the next month to start serving an 8-year prison sentence for a crime he had committed several years ago.

Noemi Hablo had even admitted having undergone drug rehabilitation. Her late husband, Rusty, was a known illegal drugs dealer in Iloilo City.

Has the narcolist been sanitized? The DILG and PDEA could lose their credibility with this white-washed narcolist. It will put the drug war of President Rodrigo Duterte under a cloud of doubt. It raises the possibility that the President is being sabotaged by his own people.


Violence erupts in Iloilo City waterfront

Violence erupts in Iloilo City waterfront

Unidentified gunmen opened fire with AK-47 assault rifles at the house of Greg Espinosa at around 4:30 a.m. Saturday and wounded two persons, one of them an off-duty policeman.
The crime took place less than 100 meters from a police detachment. Strangely, the policemen didn’t respond to the strafing until an emergency ambulance crew informed them that two people were badly hit in the area.

Mabilog bodyguard arrested for murder

A notorious criminal who frequently served as bodyguard of Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog during his visits to Barangay Monica was arrested by police recently for the crime of murder.
The suspect, Benjamin Espinosa, is the right-hand man of Jing Jing Espinosa. He is charged for the murder of trisikad driver Jimmy Bais in the victim’s home in Barangay Monica in September 2012.
Espinosa is now detained without bail.
Benjie Espinosa is also accused along with Jing Jing for the shooting of their uncles, Pascual “Toto” Espinosa III, Leo Espinosa and Sergio “Kap Boy” Espinosa three years ago.

DOJ junks Jing Jing Espinosa’s motion for reconsideration

The Department of Justice has rejected a motion for reconsideration filed by alleged drug lord Jesus “Jing Jing” Espinosa Jr. on the resolution finding him and his first cousin, Benjie Espinosa, culpable for two counts of frustrated murder and one count of attempted murder.

In a resolution handed down last week, DOJ assistant state prosecutor Rohairah A. Lao, the DOJ ruled that there was nothing new in the arguments raised by Espinosa that have not been exhaustively tackled in her resolution dated October 12, 2012. Hence, her resolution on the case still stands, she said.

With this resolution, the Iloilo Regional Trial Court Branch 26 under presiding judge Antonio Natino is expected to issue warrants of arrest against the Espinosa cousins for allegedly shooting their own uncles — Pascual “Toto E” Espinosa III, Leo Espinosa and Sergio Espinosa — shortly after midnight on June 1, 2010 outside the victims’ ancestral house in Barangay Monica, City Proper.

Jing Jing Espinosa rose to prominence last year after he posted photographs showing his close friendship with City Mayor Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog, Congressman Jerry Trenas and Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa III.

Heavy firepower


City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog is always accompanied by Armalite-wielding security men whenever he goes around the city. His favorite place to visit is Barangay Monica, City Proper where Jing Jing Espinosa plays the role of a gracious host.

TNT Libre January 31 edition highlights Jing Jing’s threat

TNT Libre January 31 edition highlights Jing Jing's threat

In a series of FB private messages and blog comments, Jing Jing Espinosa has sent a strong warning against the reportage I’ve been doing on his cases.
Jing Jing is now facing two counts of frustrated murder and one count of attempted murder for trying to kill his own uncles on June 1, 2010.
Jobless, with no legitimate business, Jing Jing has erected a 5-story residence in Barangay Monica City Proper where City Mayor Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog is a frequent visitor.
Mabilog shrugged off Jing Jing’s dark past as a convicted killer and a reputed drug lord as irrelevant. He said he is proud of their friendship and counts Jing Jing as his number one supporter for his re election bid.

Jing Jing uploads new album

Iloilo City’s emerging drug lord Jing Jing Espinosa posted another slide show of photographs together with City Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog, Congressman Jerry Trenas and other city officials. It shows that the parties with these politicians are frequent, and their friendship is above acquaintance level.

Jacob NO Fear’s Slidely from Jacob NO Fear Espinosa on