Reaching new heights: “Probinsyano” vlogger continues to grow audience

It was only in May 2019 that I began to vlog regularly on YouTube. I didn’t take my vlogging to my Facebook Page until around March 2020. As a “probinsyano” I didn’t expect to attract a substantial audience. For one thing, my Tagalog was bad when I started.

But I persisted, applying the 1% rule that James Clear wrote about in his book, “The Atomic Habits.” Even if I found it difficult to speak in the national language, I endeavored to vlog 2 to 3 times a week initially until I gained enough confidence to go livestreaming almost every day for 1 and 1/2 hours per episode.

I will vlog about the 1% rule at a future date. Simply put, one must strive to improve whatever skill set he or she wants to build just 1% each day. Over time, the knowledge and skills accumulate using the compound interest formula, and before you know it, you’ve breached new heights.

My YouTube channel now has around 144,430 subscribers while my FB Page has around 76,630 followers. I even have two more YouTube channels.

Now I have videos that hit 1 million views or even more.Now this will balance the playing field I am fighting to expose the corruption of Senator Franklin Drilon. When I started, Drilon virtually controlled the media. He controlled the Senate. And his influence extended to our judiciary.

With all his might, Drilon has failed to totally silence me. Yes, there’s a jail term awaiting me. He won’t be able to stop the “truth express” that will completely reveal the magitude of his corruption.

My audience will help me spread that truth. And truth is my only weapon. I am confident it will demolish the thick walls of corruption that Drilon has built around himself.

Tatay Digong’s leadership

May partida pa si Tatay Digong — patulog-tulog lang hambal sang mga kritiko niya. Pero lantawa. Wala pahuway si Secretary Mark Villar obra kag pahuman sang mga dalagko nga infrastructure projects.

Honestly, the pace of infrastructure development is dizzying. Very hard for the dilawans to comprehend.

This is what we get for genuine leadership. The government machinery is humming so smoothly with much interference from Tatay Digong.

Sampal sa mukha ng Korte Suprema

Mahihirapan ngayon ang Supreme Court upang kumbinsehen ang taong bayan na wasto ang naging desisyon nito sa pagbasura sa election protest ni former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. sa pagkapanalo ni Leni Robredo bilang Bise Presidente ng bansa sa eleksyon ng Mayo 2016.

Wala daw katibayan ang paratang ni BBM na may nangyaring dayaan sa ginanap na eleksyon at hindi nito maaring baliktarin ang proclamation ni Robredo bilang nanalong candidato sa pangawalang pinakataas na puwesto sa ating bansa. Ito ay base sa “second cause of action” sa reklamo ni BBM kung saan iginiit niya na laganap ang dayaan na nangyari sa tatlong “pilot provinces” — Camarines Sur, Iloilo at Negros Oriental.

Meron pang “third cause of action” si BBM, subalit hindi na ito pinansin ng Supreme Court sa papel nito bilang Presidential Electoral Tribunal. This sought to invalidate the results in three ARMM provinces where it was already proven that massive cheating had occured insofar as the race for the ARMM governor in 2016 was concerned. Dapat kasi hindi pinayagan na isama sa bilang ang resulta na rin sa Vice Presidency gamit ang invalid ballots dahil sa dayaan.

But the Supreme Court, in irs supposed wisdom, junked the protest. It ruled that the victory of Robredo, which came about with a hairline margin, was correct.

Strange. This ruling wasn’t met with wild cheering and jubilation across the archipelago. Instead, it was greeted with solemn and somber quiet. Only Robredo and her allies found reason to celebrate. The rest of the country was in fact plunged into mourning, and anger. After being made to wait agonizingly for four years and six months, BBM was handed an unjust decision. It ran counter to the people’s sentinments.

That statement isn’t without basis. Just a month after the decision came out, UP-based Octa Research released its survey for the leading contenders for the 2022 presidential and vice presidential elections. Davao City mayor Sara Duterte emerged the undisputed front-runner. But what is more interesting is that BBM got 12% while Robredo managed to obtain a measely 5%. Between the two of them, BBM is clearly way ahead, and if elections were held between them, one-on-one, the “losing” VP candidate in 2016 will trounce the “winner”.

The results speak volumes. Logic would tell us that a woman who has occupied the position of Vice President for four and a half years, spending every possible moment to promote herself as capable and competent to become President, will be among the front-runners. And that a former Senator who hasn’t been in the limelight except for the occasional press conferences concerning his case for that same period would fade from the public consciousness, and rate lower.

The Octa survey told a different story. Marcos virtually pulverized Robredo, 12 to 5. Without any effort on his part, BBM flew past the great pretender. Could there be a different conclusion than a clear showing that Filipinos prefer BBM over Robredo?

If BBM is ahead by a mile over Robredo at this time, we can only imagine the situation in 2016 when the people’s passions were high about putting Marcos to the second highest position in the couintry. It belies the verdict of the Supreme Court that Robredo won. In the eyes of the Filipino people, it was Marcos who won, fair and square, contrary to what the ruling authored by Justice Marvic Leonen said.

Kaya para sa akin, isa itong sampal sa mukha ng Korte Suprema. It allowed itself to be used as instrument in legitimizing an apparent fraud.

This is where your taxes go… courtesy of Makabayan bloc

Huwag ka nang mag-alibi, Leni

No end to the avalanche of good news… from a “sleeping President”!

Sinasabi ng mga kritiko ni PRRD, palagi na lang siyang natutulog. Pero walang tigil ang pagdaloy ng mga magagandang balita tungkol sa mga proyekto ng Duterte administration. Smoothly flowing. That could only mean one thing: PRRD is a skillful leader who knows how to set things in motion and not have to look over the shoulders of his key lieutenants at each step of the way. Yan po ang tunay na lider.

LENI ROBREDO: full time repacker of relief goods

Binigyan ni Leni Robredo ang sarili niya ng isang PORTFOLIO sa Vice President: FULL TIME REPACKING AGENCY.

Gustong kompetensyahan ang DSWD.

Highly paid ang mga repackers niya galing sa kaban ng bayan.

OCTA Research survey exposes fraud in SC decision

Kung tama nga ang desisyon ng Korte Suprema sa pagbasura sa election protest ni dating Senador Bongbong Marcos sa pagkapanalo ni Atty. Leni Robredo bilang Vice President, dapat siguro lalabas sa resulta ng mga survey na ang biyuda nga ni Jessie Robredo ang suportado ng taong bayan.

Subalit, sa Octa Research survey nitong nakaraang linggo, lumalabas na kahit nawala sa puwesto si Marcos, mas mataas pa ang poll survey ratings niya keysa kay Robredo, na walang ginawa nitong nakaraang apat na taon at kalahati kondi mag kampanya. Si BBM ay naka-angkin ng 12%; si Leni ay kulelat na nakatanggap lamang ng 5%.

Now the truth will always prevail. Isa itong INDICTMENT sa Supreme Court na pinayagan ang sarili na maging kasangkapan ng dayaan sa election!

WARNING: Trillanes is harmful to our nation’s future

Leni, bakit hindi mo tinutulugan ang mga nasalanta ni Bagyong Auring?