About “Mejorada’s Point of View”

There was a “Point of View” blog which I began in August 2006 when I learned the basics of blogging from Ilonggo tech expert Abe Olandres. Along with it was “IloiloUpClose” and “The Public Servant”. But this account was assaulted by a hacker/plagiarist working for the new governor. He managed to get into my account and murderously deleted my blogs. But I refused to see my blog dead. Like Lazarus, it will rise from the dead. More blog posts will take the place of those the hacker/plagiarist permanently erased from cyberspace. This will be a place for intellectual discourse. Politics will be the standard fare, and individuals who want to contribute their own views are welcome.

2 Responses to About “Mejorada’s Point of View”

  1. ric de guia says:

    When banias was mayor in concepcion, fishing and nylon shell harvesting was not an issue.HIM AND HIS COHORTs owns the operation. Thats how he became big ntime. Not as a doctor but a KAWATAN sang nylonshell kag bangrus.. Poor people of concepcion. He even brag to another kawatan that he will eliminate poverty in concepcion by 2020. What a joke! When mayor villanueva took over an income of approx. 300,000 pesos was realized just from the nylon shell in less than three months.Banias really is hurting, pero damo knakinawat nga kuarta ,ti may ipaalolos ka man siguro. So Banias if you stay as PA look for something else to enrich yourself, just leave the people of concepcion alone. Go home to Lemery kay indi ka man taga concepcion.


  2. I was impressed first time i met banias. I thought he was a man for the masses (mapanghimanwa-gali kay KAWATAN).. Looking back from where he came from financially he is just a little bet above average. Now he claims to be a millionaire. Not for being a medical doctor but for being a super parasite. Hope the COA will find out all the anomalies THEY did to concepcion ( not just fish and nylon shell but the oil spill damage claim) . Nabola ya gani ang presidente ini pa ang tigulang . He must be really sucking up to the gov. Banias, you cock sucker there’s more and bigger money involve in medicine and hospital supplies, why don’t you ask him that you’ll be in-charge for these..,leave concepcion alone you asshole!


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