Disaster Leni

For centuries now, the Philippines has been mauled by typhoons, its plains turned into seas by floods, rocked by earthquakes and shaken by volcano eruption. It’s not because the archipelago is cursed. It’s a matter of its geographical location. The Pacific Ocean, where most of the worst weather disturbances are born, lies to its east. The islands are situated in what is known as the “Pacific Rim of Fire”, that chain of volcanos from the Americas to Asia.

Hence, disasters and the Filipino people have had an endless dance together during these centuries. Filipinos are much too familiar with calamities. But each time Filipinos are battered and drenched and shaken, they are always able to get back on their feet. Life goes on. This is the reason why Filipinos have been likened to the bamboo: No matter how hard the wind blows, and the bamboo is bent almost to breaking point, it manages to spring right back into upright position, straight and proud as ever.

Resilience has become part of the national character. No setback is big enough to knock out the people. Each time we encounter adversity, we may become dazed and disoriented for a while. And then it’s back to normal. We pursue life as if we’ve never even experienced pain and loss from these disasters.

But the Filipino people have to confront a potential national disaster squarely. It is not a super typhoon. It is not a volcanic eruption. It is not an earthquake. That grave national disaster is a woman named Leni Robredo.

For four and a half years now, Robredo has been trying to claw her way into becoming President of the Republic by succession. During that time, Robredo and her allies have not taken a brief respite in their efforts to undermine the Duterte administration. Theirs was a program of disinformation and deception with a goal of misleading Filipinos into the belief that President Duterte was unfit to carry out his mandate. They got plenty of help from the oligarchs that control the mainstream media.

The black propaganda, however, did not succeed. Each time, the Filipino people themselves unmasked the hidden agenda behind these pieces of disinformation and shot them down. Rather than weaken President Duterte’s public image, these efforts even served to strengthen the people’s trust and confidence in the Chief Executive.

We have been hoping that the justice system would get rid of this national calamity named Leni Robredo. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen anymore. There’s 10 months left before the deadline for the filing of Certificates of Candidacy for the 2022 national and local elections. The moment former Senator Bongbong Marcos files his COC for any elective office in October, the electoral protest that has been languishing before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal since June 29, 2016 will become moot and academic. The truth as to who really won will be lost forever.

With 2020 about to end, Filipinos will have to resolve to stop this national disaster from threatening the welfare of the nation and its people. We have to barge into 2021 with a loud voice declaring that Leni Robredo is a pretender and the people will never accept her as their leader. There’s nothing we can do to avert natural disasters; but we can prevent Leni Robredo from spreading doom throughout the archipelago with her ambition and the desire of the Liberal Party to steal back power.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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