It’s official: Francis Leo Marcos disowned by BBM

After weeks of keeping mum about the issue, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has declared that a man claiming that he is a son of the late Dr. Pacifico Marcos is bogus.

In a statement issued by Atty. Vic Rodriguez, spokesman of BBM, categorically denied that Norman Mangusin, also known as Francis Leo Marcos, is not a Marcos, and the family does not recognize him as a blood relative.

The statement was contained in a letter addressed to me two days ago (May 1, 2020) in reply to an email inquiring whether a statement published in a Facebook page that warned Mangusin about the possibility of syndicated estafa charges came from BBM’s office.

Atty. Rodriguez said it did not.

Letter from Atty Vic Rodriguez

Atty. Rodriguez said Francis Leo Marcos is not a relative. The claims made by Mangusin that he is a family member is false, Atty. Rodriguez said. (read full letter above)

At the same time, Atty. Rodriguez furnished me a copy of a letter sent by former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos on July 19, 2019 — long before Mangusin barged into the social media limelight as a “billionaire” — requesting the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to conduct an investigation about his activities.

Mrs. Marcos said “Francis Leo Marcos” was using photographs and video clips showing them together as a lure to get donations of large sums of money from Chinese businessmen for his so-called charitable projects.

“Mr. Francis Leo Marcos has claimed that he is the son of the late Dr. Pacifico E. Marcos, brother of my late husband and that he has been chosen by the Marcos family as the custodian of alleged wealth that we are not in possession of; he uses my photographs on social media after photo opportunities and has produced a film as a signatory to the world’s wealth; he targets wealthy businessmen who want to do business in the Philippines and attracts them thru charitable causes.”

20200503_101731 (2)

What this shows is that as far back as July 2019, the Marcos family had become aware of Mangusin’s scams using the Marcos family name.

Mangusin has admitted that “Norman Mangusin and Francis Leo Marcos” are one and the same person.

Despite the obvious lies peddled by Mangusin, he continues to fool big numbers of Filipinos with promises of a share to the Marcos wealth.

Among his scams are:

  1. Those who join his foundation after paying a $1.00 membership fee will enjoy a share of the Marcos gold;
  2. He deceived victims to provide him their mobile phone numbers on the pretext that he will give them money ranging from P500 to P50,000. The NBI has warned that this makes victims vulnerable to “phishing” of their bank accounts and privacy invasion;
  3. Through the YouTube livestream, he accepts donations from viewers who have been fooled into believing that his charitable activities are real, and that they are contributing despite his boasts that he does not need any donations in cash (a form of mind conditioning to appeal to people to give money);
  4. He has manipulated people into subscribing to his YouTube channel by promising them money, a scheme that is expressly prohibited by the social media platform.

The NBI is already conducting an investigation into his scams that exploited the feeling of uncertainty and panic during the Covid 19 pandemic.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

4 Responses to It’s official: Francis Leo Marcos disowned by BBM

  1. Dan says:

    Sir, Mabuhay po kayo dapat po mahinto na yun scammer ito.


  2. Ferdinand Quila Sr says:

    Job well done Idol Manuel Mejorada.


  3. nmponline says:

    Actually, I believe on this since Xian Gaza came out last month. The main problem is that many Filipinos, lazy thinkers, are still getting fooled! They’re only clicking and clicking without THINKING at ALL!


  4. Jonathan Guinto says:

    Sir kung tumutulong talaga si Mangusin hindi ba dapat meron sya certification from the LGU at sa DILG or IATF. Kasi sa San Juan nga hinuli si Jinggoy Estrada dahil wala naman sya kahit anong certification from the Govt.


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