Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Do you still remember Aesop’s Fable about the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

This is a lesson that seems lost on many Filipinos who have fallen for the fraudulent schemes of Norman Mangusin, alias Francis Leo Marcos.


He is depicting himself as a super-generous billionaire who is throwing away millions of pesos of his fortune (from the Marcos wealth, he wants us to believe) to give rice to thousands of Filipinos now suffering from the Covid 19 lockdown.

What these people don’t realize is that Mangusin has given away only a handful of rice packs. The rest are all well-spun PR images using video and pictures of rice deliveries that don’t actually belong to him. He planted a seed of an idea about his charity and then embellished it with a flurry of fake images. Classic budol-budol. Not much unlike his selling of fake gold bars.

Tonight, my third video about Norman Mangusin or the fake Francis Leo Marcos will premiere on YouTube. I will explain how scammers accomplish their evil deeds.  Hopefullly those who still are not convinced about what I have been saying will realize that “FLM” is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

It will come out on YouTube at 7 p.m.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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