Gov. Defensor tries to salvage son’s candidacy as survey shows him sliding toward defeat

Up until mid-December 2018, the camp of Governor Arthur Defensor, Sr. has always trumpeted on the overwhelming lead in RACI surveys that his son, Toto, enjoyed over rival Cong. Ferj Gonzales Biron Full in the gubernatorial race.
Indeed, early surveys have placed Toto maintaining a comfortable 30% lead over Biron in the RACI surveys, giving the Defensor camp an overflowing dose of confidence.
But as I have always said before, that lead was influenced by a wrong notion among many voters that it was Arthur Defensor Sr. who was running.
As a result, Toto, by mistake, reaped a commanding portion of the expected votes from the surveys.
At the same time, Biron had not yet gone into high gear with his campaign.
And many people were unaware that the “knight in shining armor” image of the senior Defensor was a deception. His administration was a bird’s nest of corruption during the last 8 and a half years.
Then the flood gates opened.
The exposes on the corruption of the elder Defensor started.
Toto Defensor lined the highways and filled the airwaves with his propaganda using his “Toto” nickname instead of his real name with a “Jr.” prominently displayed.
And Biron went on the offensive with his personal visits to the different towns of the province.
At the bat of an eyelash (to borrow the phrase from John Bayona Castigador), Toto’s commanding lead vanished into thin air.
In the survey conducted by RACI for the period December 8-12, 2018, Toto’s numbers plummeted while Biron climbed steadily, and the two were statistically tied.
All of a sudden, the Defensor camp became silent about surveys.
From the grapevine, the Defensor camp also commission its own survey, and the results were the same.
It showed a trend: Biron was going up while Toto was going down.
This sent the Defensor camp into panic.
The father ordered new tarps printed; this time the name was “Arthur Toto (in smaller fonts) Defensor, Jr.”
Apparently, the father believes he can salvage the candidacy of his son by bringing back his name into the game.
But it is too late.
The truth that it’s a different Defensor who is running is out in the open.
Worse, Toto has failed to demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively to the people.
In fact, aside from his radio and TV spots, Toto has seldom been heard in public.
What is now happening is that the public perceives an aging father scrambling to force a victory for his son.
Too bad, Defensor could have preserved his son’s political future by agreeing to run as Vice Governor.
His ambition washed him out and will end his long political career in ruin and dishonor.
Instead of leaving a legacy, he will leave public life with heaps of unanswered issues of corruption on his back.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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