I am filled with pity, rather than anger, when I learned that former 5th district Congressman Niel “Junjun” Tupas, Jr. is now spending a lot of time meeting with political leaders and speak ill of his younger brother, incumbent Congressman Boboy TupasFive.
Junjun can seem to have nothing good to say about Boboy. Worse, he insists that the outcome of the elections — his wife Atty. Gel lost to Boboy — went against the wishes of their departed father, the late Governor Niel Tupas, Sr.
Junjun has vowed to make a comeback. He will challenge Boboy in the next elections. And he believes the way to do that is insult, belittle or simply tell people that Boboy is a bad guy.
Of course, the people of the 5th district are not stupid. They know the contrary of what Junjun is telling them is the truth. Boboy TupasThree is in fact described as the “carbon copy” of their father in terms of kindness, work ethic and generosity.
Boboy is soft-spoken, friendly and easy to approach, which are the very attributes that made their father perhaps one of the most loved politicians in Iloilo in the last half century.
On the flip side, Junjun has displayed a bad temper a lot of times, even berating barangay captains much older than he is when he started to feel his wife was sliding to defeat last year.
I feel pity for Junjun.
He can’t accept defeat. Worse, he is doing a dishonor to their late father. Shortly before he succumb to his cancer, the late Gov. Niel gathered his children at his hospital bed. At the time, the die had been cast, and Boboy had already filed his certificate of candidacy for congressman against Atty. Gel.
Their father told them that a showdown between siblings was inevitable. But he asked them that whoever should win in the elections, they should bury the hatchet afterwards and reunite as brothers again.
I don’t know if Junjun forgot all about this.
I really pity him.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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