The ‘White House’ mansion of Jed Patrick E. Mabilog


This palatial house sits on the banks of the Iloilo River, with a P90 million Esplanade built for its occupant by the government for the sake of “beautification”.

Its owner, City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, has declared it to be worth only P3 million in his 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. But architects and engineers estimate the value of this mansion to be in the range of P50-70 million, considering that its windows are the expensive Kenneth and Mock glass windows. The windows alone would be worth P7 million considering the size of the house, according to a wealthy friend who also has Kenneth and Mock windows installed on his house.

Now where did the money come from?

Mabilog said it came from his inheritance from his mother. That’s a blatant lie. His mother was never rich. That lot on which the mansion stands was donated to his mother by the Consing family for whom she had served as “mayor doma” for a long time. If you come to think of it, the property belongs to the family, and not to Jed alone.

Mabilog also points to the work of his wife, Marivic, in Canada. How much does an accountant earn in Canada? She is not even chief executive officer, and the company is small.

It’s time for Mabilog to reveal his sources of income to the people. Ilonggos have a right to know. Did he earn tens of millions of pesos from legitimate business? The Ombudsman says no. Where he got the fabulous sums of money is a mystery that even Sherlock Holmes might have difficulty figuring out. And if the money came from business, did Mabilog report the income to BIR or Kim Henares, and that he paid the right taxes?

So many questions. And yet not a single credible answer from Mabilog.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

60 Responses to The ‘White House’ mansion of Jed Patrick E. Mabilog

  1. jos says:

    good job sir, you’re very brave to expose the truth, at sana lahat ng government officials and employees with questionable assets should be confiscated., diri sa banwa namon, even DSWD employee can buy a luxurious car. a simple municipal employee can build a worth million house.
    Wow di ba?

  2. Lily Orticio says:

    Looks like a grand resort hotel.

    • Very glaring proof of corruption in the Philippines commonly committed by government officials. Many of them now not happy with President Détente. Exposing thing like this is very educational: 1. both for the corrupt officials to realize that this kind of “lie” is NEVER ACCEPTABLE NOW under the NEW ADMINISTRATION OF GOVERNMENt and 2. THE TAONG BAYAN entangled in poverty HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW THIS TYPE OF ISSUES.

      Next: WHAT TO DO WITH THIS MAYOR? IS he still a mayor now? He has to be dismissed from his office as mayor..

      • agnes says:

        Their should be a lifestyle check for every gov’t officials and employee’s. There are so many poor people in our country who needs desperate help. But all the aide for those in need just went to the pocket of corrupt gov’t officials and employee’s. Using the money to all the luxuries in life that they can afford but cannot even build a house for the homeless people. But here are all these corrupt officials, building mansions, luxury cars and travel the world and shopping spree for themselves. That has to stop! So go Duterte put an end to this corrupt officials!!!

  3. Cicero Milan says:

    He should be charged accordingly once found guilty of lies and source from illegal activity (drug) he should be jailed para hindi pamarisan

  4. Julia yap says:

    Hmmmm… Let us wait and see when President Digong announce the mayors who are involve in protecting the drug lords 👊

  5. Gaby says:

    gawing eskwelahan para sa mga bata yang building na yan

  6. Gaby says:

    Gawing eskwelahan para sa mga bata ang building na yan o ibenta at gamitin para mapagawa ng mga schools.

  7. After the narco-generals are the narco-mayors courtesy of Pres. Digong? Kasama kaya siya? Abangan ang susunod na teleserye.

  8. CRYO says:

    These illegal properties of these CORRUPT GOVERNMENT FUCKERS should be shared to all Filipino people as a tourist attraction or hotel to re-generate income to Philippines

  9. CONRADO SENA says:

    Once proven illegally acquired, this property should be confiscated by the government and put to bar the culprit.

  10. Freddy says:

    Retribution on earth or after their life on earth? Who knows? It is frightening but people do not seem to care. Akala nila may time para magrepent. Eh kung wala, hindi ba sila kinikilabutan. Eternity yung kasunod na buhay! Eternal happiness ba or eternal damnation! God will judge based on what we do on earth!

  11. anton says:

    “How much does an accountant earn in Canada? She is not even chief executive officer, and the company is small.” Parang nakakainsulto naman ito. Sa pnas nga, malaki na sweldo ng accountant, sa ibang bansa pa? Anywayway, Jed must explain how he got his wealth though.

    • Renee says:

      Hi Anton, i work as a accountant here in US but i know how to budget my money and how to saved money so that i can meet my goal such as purchasing house and vehicle in the Philippines. The accountant earnings at least $8,000.00 per month convert to pesos that will be at least P350,000.00 per month. i don’t feel insulted by that amount i received as Accountant.

      • I agree accountants don’t earn just peanuts. But for an accountant in Canada to have two houses there on mortgage and still be able to build a palace in Iloilo and buy a fleet of expensive cars there is definitely of the income ballpark.

      • Renee, I do not mean to offend po. Huwag na sana magsentimiento and too proud. Anton had a point. Just do not take his statement out of context and personal.

      • Heisen berg says:

        Is that after taxes?

      • Cuanto the net disposable? God’s audit is better than human audit….after those tax avoidance…

      • Humer says:

        Hello Renee, I assume you are an accountant receiving $8,000.00 per month as you have stated. With that amount of income, you could be paying say 30% in taxes that leaves you $5,600. And with two houses on mortgage (as what this Mayor has) for a minimal amount of $2,000.00 each (this is cheap), that leaves you with $1,600.00. Take your utilities, food and other living expenses from that… and your $8,000.00 is nowhere.

        You being an accountant with superb budgeting skills, show us your figures, maybe we can learn from you….

      • Maria says:

        You are not taking into account the taxes that uncle Sam gets. To avoid uncle Sam most of that is probably on tax deferred investments, and not a lot if cash on hand to be able to build a mansion.

      • Vicky says:

        8k is your gross, how much the net? Remember that you’re still paying health insurances, mortgages , bills, daily expenses, travels, etc, etc. I’m here in Canada, I knew how much the take home of an hourly and salaried people. The more you earned the more you get taxed and more deductables and almost 40% is taken out from our pay check. We not need to be proud of it but be just realistic of how’s life in a foreign country.

    • Joe says:

      50,000,000-70,000,000pesos,that’s around 1.4-2.0 million can$.Earning 80grand/year as an accountant,that will be 18 to 25 years of work,hindi ka na kakain,hindi ka na magbabayad ng bills at tax…

    • marz says:

      his wife cant have 50 to 70 mil savings working as an employee in a rich country… the high standard of living and all insurances.politician here in Norway is not that rich than in Phils.its corruption or money he gets under the table.

  12. I am a Canadian and even if she does earn 6 digit here as an accountant 60% of that money goes to mortgage, tax, insurance and other incidental expenses so if you do the math, I don’t think you have that much left to build a mansion? It must be from other business? Monkey? More so it it was done fast ang quick? Puzzling indeed

    • Rene Palmero says:

      You’re forgetting the income taxes which is around 35% which leaves only 5% as the remainder and it’s too small an amount left towards constructing a mansion.

  13. Tex Wenof says:

    I think the mayor and his wife had a foundation for something and they got a lot of donations from it, so maybe the donations went to the building of the home? It’s still not a good one for the money source, Anyway, hopefully the mayor will get a chance to explain.

  14. merfe aganan says:

    praying that the truth will come out

  15. Romeo Caldillero says:

    Its a big shame to the whole world….being a world class mayor?

  16. SiKaloy says:


  17. SiKaloy says:


    • nellysout says:

      The lord will judge us what we have done here on earth, now is the time to share ur wealth to the poor and homeless, dont be contented of ur life here on earth its just a temporary assignment , we still have everlasting hapiness in heaven . Stop corruption and stop destroying the future of our children ..

  18. marlou says:

    No wonder ha
    Ang car nya nga xpensive sa diin naghalin? Corruption or drugs protector? Banwa nga nahamot an kamo na ang makasabat cna tanan kabalo na ina kamo
    He needs to xplain gid ( mabilog)

  19. Carlota D. Villas says:

    Kaya nga nagkukumahog ang mga politiko na yan na makaupo sa puwesto para magkaroon ng power na makapagnakaw!!! Mga walanghiya!!!

  20. Germain Dupré says:

    That is really, really sad. I am not Filipino but Westerner and my wife lives around Iloilo. I always greatly appreciate visiting the city. Clean, safe and booming. And the mayor is so well liked and portraying himself as always putting the future of Ilonggos first. It’s really sad if it turns out it was a facade.

    And his wife lives in Calgary where housing is very expensive. It really just doesn’t add up at all.

  21. Lawin says:

    Ditective conan ikaw ba yan?.. 🙂 good job

  22. Julzkie says:

    Nahalata ko na, si Drilon drug din yan. Mga intel paki-manmanan na din yan.

  23. Elisa de Jesus says:

    Saan pa nga ba galing yang ginastos dyan sa property? Syempre sa katas ng shabu. Sa shabu lang naman kikita ng limpak limpak na salapi. Maski kung halimbawa man na pinaghirapan ang ginastos dyan maghihinayang ka na magpagawa ng ganyang kalaki na halaga na property. Dapat sa kanila bitay ang hatol, madami silang sinirang buhay, dapat nila pagbayaran sa taong bayan ang kanilang ginawa. Mga salut sila sa lipunan.

  24. john says:

    Kitang kita n sangaling pinagpagawa dyan papel p un kamag anak nyang baboy ng due process dpat sa mga yan hatok agad bitay

  25. Bert Dooma says:

    Boy Mejorada’s report is very speculative and sometimes misleading. An accountant in the US may earn up to a six figure depending on her type of practice. Total earnings less personal expenses and local tax, would be sizable amount if sent back to the Phils.
    I don’t know Mabilog, but if he does do drugs, as exposed by Duterte, then he has to face the music.

  26. El Chapo says:

    It’s time to pass a law that allows confiscation of property acquired through drugs or corruption. VIP criminals found guilty should be sent to gulag camps in Siberia so that they will not create mischiefs in local prisons.

  27. BukingKa says:

    aguy! buking na!!!

  28. michelle Tayoba says:

    corruption nga naman!!!!!

  29. I hope government confiscate properties and assets of corrupt officials with unexplained wealth. In this case of Mabilog, he should be able to show the flow of funds if he alleges it came from his wife who working in Canada. These assets should then be put up for public auction and the proceeds should help continue the fight against drugs and corruption.

  30. I am in Canada and I know how money works here.. Renee is correct 35% of that $8,000.00goes to taxes and I am sure you can still buy a property here and have a mortgage in Canadian context.. But, transposing that amount to peso it is a big illusion to build a mansion like that..There must be a ‘fat” source of money.. Where does it come from being a mayor? The answer is Self explanatory..

  31. Karen animas says:

    San pa galing?! Sympre xa kita ng drugs..
    Drug protektor kasi un😕😕

  32. Under the TUTORSHIP of Sen.Franklin Drilon@PNOY ADMIN.??!

  33. Jester says:

    Not a big percentage is left out of Canadian income. You’ll need more than $10k a month and many years without much liabilities before being able to send money back home for that kind of house.

  34. greyzland says:

    10% SOP of projects will afford that……All heads of office has at least 10% in all projects which government officials claim as “legal”…. yes…legalized corruption…… ask Drilon……..

  35. Thelma daquioag says:

    I was so proud before when i heard the news of their sucess knowing atty joseph and jed from UP college of law was so young then renting a modest apartment in moores st brgy san isidro makati. Our family becomes close for a few years until we close shop and never heard of them. This kind of news really break us…a wasted brilliant mind”. I hope its not as bad as the news.

  36. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    His name appears on the list of drug pushers.. there is your answer!

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  38. Eds says:

    Luwas sa gnagarnatsar ya kwarta ka pumuluyo tungod sa kaagi-on nya.sideline ya lng ni ya ang protector ya.ang inagi amu ni ang iya.

  39. Araceli says:

    Government should confiscate all assets obtained by drug relate money. This destroyed lots of lives & families.

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