Plaridel Nava is Jed’s Pet


Councilor Plaridel Nava wants to prove his loyalty to his master, Jed Patrick E. Mabilog. That’s the reason he snarls at a lot of people who manifest a dislike for Mabilog. That includes this writer. Nava hates me for being critical of Mabilog. He hates me for exposing the anomalies of his master.

Last week, Nava found himself in the epicenter of a giant political quake when a youth volunteer of Rommel Ynion complained to the police in Lapaz how the arrogant councilor accosted him for coordinating a “libre sakay” activity in Lapuz.

The volunteer, Aljun Rodriguez, said he was riding a Lapuz-bound jeepney to provide “libre sakay” to about a dozen passengers when Nava showed up near Jalandoni Estate and asked him why he was engaging in that activity.

When local radio stations tried to reach him for his comment that night, Nava was nowhere to be found. It was only the following morning that he found the courage to answer questions from the broadcast media.

As expected, Nava denied having accosted Aljun Rodriguez. He was somewhere else, he said. How could that happen when at the time of the alleged encounter, he was more than 5 kilomters away?

But a lie never really takes long to be unmasked. Aksyon Radyo’s John Paul Tia, using skillful interrogatory questions, made a barangay captain who supposedly could vouch for Nava’s presence there confess that there was a lengthy lull in which the councilor’s whereabouts could not be accounted for.

Nava blames this writer for allegedly spinning lies about his involvement in oppressive acts like that. He claims all the negative stories about him were manufactured.

Oh, really?

Did I make up the story of a trampoline activity center manager who was mauled inside the SM City Mall last December 25 by Nava and his bodyguards?


Did I have any participation in a young basketball player’s complaint in Mandurriao that Nava and his bodyguards threatened him after the councilor could not score a point against him?


Did I ask Kerker Hierro and employees in the Hall of Justice to weave a story about Nava pulling a handgun outside a courtroom and threatened to shoot the husband of his alleged ex-paramour?


Did I concoct that report in the local media about a collector of RUSI Marketing who tried to retrieve a motorcycle bought by Nava after the latter failed to settle the past due amortizations?


There are many more incidents in which Nava was pinpointed as the man who either mauled or threatened ordinary people.

By his own admission, Nava said he won’t hesitate to hurt anybody who embarrasses him or makes fun of him. The words came from his own mouth.

Nava boasted that at least, he hasn’t been charged before the Ombudsman for corruption.

I guess that he feels good that he mauls people, but hasn’t been dragged in corruption cases. That makes his boss, Mabilog, a bad guy in his own language. Mabilog is facing more than two dozen Ombudsman cases.

One thing is clear: Nava likes to throw his weight around, especially when his bodyguards, Rex delos Reyes and “Rambo” Demonteverde, are around.

That’s why I’d caution people who met him on the street not to laugh or even smile, because he won’t hesitate to land a punch or a kick over a perceived slight.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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