It must be an excruciating period for Jed Patrick E. Mabilog to be bombarded from all sides by radio commentators and plain citizens over his clear inability to govern and keep anomalous transactions under wraps.

Mabilog has always believed that he can hide his shortcomings with a barrage of praise releases, a flood of billboards showing his photograph and attacking those who dare expose his corruption. He came to the mayorship making use of his marketing skills, and he never realized his packaging skills are not enough to carry out his job.

Being a local chief executive requires more than savvy marketing. It requires leadership and management skills. Political astuteness is an asset, but by itself is inadequate. Integrity is a big plus. Transparency, too. And, of course, scandals will only help weigh down an administration.

After a little over than two thirds in his first term, Mabilog finds himself on the hot seat. He is short on every item on the checklist. And his list of scandals have reached boiling point. His effort to deluge the city’s landscape with his heavily made-up face can’t stop the barrage of criticism.

Ordinances are routinely being unenforced. Laws are flagrantly violated without fear. Crimes are on the rise. Bodies of murder victims are littering the city’s streets. The loud cracks of cal. 45 pistols are becoming a familiar refrain. Worse, hundreds of millions of pesos in public funds are being stolen in broad daylight. Government transactions are fixed. Corruption has reached untold heights.

And where is Mabilog? Hiding. He is quivering in a corner, not knowing what to do. His pants are wet.  He is angry because the truth can’t be hidden. He is angry because people can see clearly he is incompetent and corrupt. Only his mouthpiece, Jeffrey Celiz, is trying to pepper the public with lies. The effect, naturally, is to worsen his plight.

Mabilog wants to believe this is an orchestrated effort by Rommel S. Ynion to dislodge him on May 13, 2013. That’s the problem with an individual who believes his own propaganda. He can’t even start to understand that he is the problem. These problems were his own doing. Nobody pushed him to be incompetent. Nobody pushed him to be corrupt.

As more and more Ilonggos begin to comprehend the real problem in City Hall, Mabilog can expect to barrage of criticism to step up. His woes are only being aggravated by the Commission on Audit which unmasked the anomalies in the City Hall project. The Ombudsman is also probing deep into his unexplained wealth.

Mabilog is a besieged man. Truth is working against him. His biggest enemy is himself. And nobody can help him fend the issues.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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