The rise and fall of Jepoy Celiz (Part II)

The vehemence with which Jeffrey Celiz reacted to my Facebook page post about his being stripped of the role as official spokesman of City Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog reveals how sensitive he feels about the issue. I was told that Celiz used more than half an hour during his block-time program to deny the report and insisted he remains the mouth piece of Mabilog. It’s his way of telling the people how much Mabilog trusts him.
Celiz claims Lucy Montealto-Sinay, a former reporter who is now with the Public Information Office of City Hall, was indeed designated as spokesperson. But Celiz quickly added that Ms. Sinay is merely his deputy. He boasted to the whole world that his function hasn’t been diminished. Reliable sources in City Hall the story being peddled by Celiz isn’t accurate. (Indeed, since when was Celiz known for telling the truth?) Mabilog had told Ms. Sinay that henceforth she would be performing that critical job.
One thing is clear, though. Celiz is now being talked about in the past tense. Mabilog amended his directive and recognized Celiz as “still” a spokesman, but indicated that it will be Ms. Sinay who will talk in his behalf “most of the time”. It’s not really surprising because Mabilog has no backbone. He changes decisions as often as three times a day. He can’t afford to antagonize the likes of Celiz, who doesn’t hesitate to employ blackmail to preserve his hold on power. Mabilog can’t risk getting @adoboilonggo to turn its guns against him.
As I stated previously, the rapid downfall of Celiz was not surprising. At the outset, he had misled Mabilog into believing that his partnership with @adoboilonggo will tear down the rising tide of negative reporting about his incompetent leadership. He also fooled Mabilog into believing he can use his experience as a street protestor to sway public opinion to the side of the city mayor. Mabilog was a perfect victim for Celiz’s false claims. The city mayor gave too much weight to the “red” label that was attached to Celiz. He must have found it exciting.
What Mabilog didn’t know was that Celiz was a rotten apple in the first place. His credibility was fully eroded; no less than his own former comrades have disowned him. He was disciplined for “f.o.”, or financial opportunism, when he allegedly misappropriated funds of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) for his personal use. According to retired Air Force colonel Oscar Lasangue, former chief of the AFP Civil Relations Service for Visayas, “money is Celiz’s biggest weakness.” The guy simply couldn’t resist dipping his fingers into the cookie jar each time the opportunity arose.
As we have seen, Celiz is all fury and no substance. Time and again, Celiz demonstrated his inability to deflect issues with sound reasoning and reiteration of the facts. Celiz knew only one method to deal with issues: attack the messenger and forget about the message. He proceeded from the standpoint that he can stir up and murk and confuse the public. But that isn’t the role of a spokesman. His main responsibility was to drive home the message of his principal, Mabilog.
Instead of helping steer the public discussion to show the side of Mabilog, Celiz threw muck at the mayor’s critics. He forgot to deal squarely with the issues and let them hang in the air. It was a mistake for Celiz to believe that the public is gullible to his non-sense arguments. As time went on, Mabilog’s image started to sag, a fact that quickly became apparent to the city mayor’s advisers and friends. Mabilog was soon swamped with complaints from his own supporters about the negative effect of Celiz’s activities to his popularity.
Celiz is fortunate that Mabilog is afraid of his loose tongue. Mabilog is living in a world of secrets, and the last thing he needs is having Celiz join the chorus of his detractors. He has to placate Celiz for the meantime while giving him less power. According to sources, Ms. Sinay is now authorized to issue statements in behalf of the city mayor. She is not a deputy of Celiz as the latter would like to portray. She reports directly to Mabilog.
I will not be surprised if poison text messages will again emerge in the media circles to discredit Ms. Sinay. This is the standard weapon of Celiz with the help of Ms. Sinadya sa Suba who goes by the cover of @adoboilonggo, and the plagiarist at the capitol as back-up. Celiz is afraid to fall from his perch. But it’s too late for that. Mabilog has made up his mind about Celiz. His usefulness for the city mayor is over. He failed to deliver on his promises. Worse, he only succeeded into pulling Mabilog deeper into the mire.
It would be interesting to see what the future holds for Celiz. He lost his passport to riches. He is afraid and he is angry. In retrospect, he has no one else to blame but himself. He allowed his head to swell and became arrogant and abusive. He made enemies within Mabilog’s inner circle and turned the city mayor into a sitting duck for the media. Now he has nowhere to go.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

One Response to The rise and fall of Jepoy Celiz (Part II)

  1. jose ramiro says:

    ma-ayo na tani wala na gid na siya sa city hall, para magutoman siya, to-ngod sang kadasig ya , ang ka patay huya,pila ka adlaw siya pa ina matra-idor kay mabilogman-og na siya boy,


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