Capitol spokesman driven to anger when girlfriend fired from Johnson-owned school?

A former business associate, media colleague and best friend of Iloilo Capitol spokesman Nereo C. Lujan told the Iloilo Regional Trial Court yesterday, Feb. 16, that he was so angry his girlfriend was axed from a nursing school owned by Dr. Evangeline Johnson and this drove him to publish blog articles derogatory to the owner of the Great Saviour International Hospital.

Ms. Joy de Leon said Lujan also sent her and another friend, Pinky Evidente, text messages through his cell phone and for a period of three months until January 2009 to vent his anger at them and warned them he will “put off the source of power to turn off the bulb”.

This was the gist of her testimony in the civil case entitled “Evangeline C. Johnson vs. Nereo C. Lujan, et al” as the trial continued before the sala of RTC Branch 28 presiding judge Loida Diestro-Maputol at the Hall of Justice.

De Leon, who described Lujan as “more like a brother” to her for a long time, said Lujan demanded that she cause the termination of Evidente, who works as Great Saviour Nursing School college secretary, following an altercation between the latter and his alleged paramour, Ritchel Gabutin Jacela.

At the time, Jacela had been working at the nursing school upon the recommendation of Lujan. As a result of the spat, Jacela resigned, de Leon told the court.

De Leon said Lujan began having an affair with Jacela while they were still business partners in the advertising outfit, Lujan and Associates.

“He demanded that I cause the termination of Pinky (Evidente) as college secretary,” de Leon, who is the executive assistant of Dr. Johnson, said.

However, de Leon said she didn’t want to intervene as it involved an internal matter in the nursing school. Lujan went ballistic in anger, she added.

“He (Lujan) started sending us messages containing expletives like ‘puta’, ‘deputa’, ‘bilat tibay’ and ‘mga buang’,” de Leon said.

De Leon said she downloaded and preserved the chat messages that Lujan sent them over Upon questioning by Johnson’s lawyer, Nelson Loyola, she identified several pages containing print-outs of the supposed chat conversations between her and Lujan.

After a while, de Leon said her attention was called to a blog site with the URL,, which contained malicious and derogatory articles about Dr. Johnson and her hospital.

She said she knew it was the handiwork of Lujan. “I called him up and asked him to stop it,” she said.

Dr. Johnson filed this civil case for damages against Lujan for the humiliation and shame she suffered as a result of the blog articles. Lujan is represented by Atty. Guillermo “Boy” Alcantara and an associate.

But Lujan only replied: “Bwahahaha!”, she said.

Asked how she came to know about Lujan’s love affair with Jacela, she said the woman had worked for their advertising company, Lujan and Associates. When Jacela became unemployed, Lujan approached her asking to help her get hired at the nursing school also owned by Dr. Johnson.

De Leon said she declined the request, but eventually, Jacela was accepted because she was the only one who met the qualification requirements.

She said Lujan is married to Ruth Lujan nee Aguilar. Jacela is likewise married, she added.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

2 Responses to Capitol spokesman driven to anger when girlfriend fired from Johnson-owned school?

  1. hamilirex says:

    Whom God wishes to destroy, he made mad first. Sadly Lujan is not exempt.


  2. I am a victim of Nereo Lujan’s diabolical ways. Not only does he write blogs to demolish his enemies, or those of his clients. He is also good at hacking Facebook and email accounts. Among his victims are Aura Landar, Joy de Leon and Sonia Provido. He is adept at hiding behind false names and intruding into people’s internet accounts.


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