“Kutso-kutso” governance

I must have hit a raw nerve when I described the latest round of boasts from Gov. Arthur Defensor, Sr. that he contemplated filing cases against his predecessor, Niel Tupas Sr., as symptomatic of senility (“naga-uli-anon”). This threw Defensor into a fit of rage during his regular press conference last Friday and began calling me names: “irresponsible” and “ignorant”. He said I didn’t know the facts about the purported move of the Truth Commission to investigate COA disallowances during the Tupas administration. He said he wasn’t making up the story. He heard the rumor (using the word “kuno” several times) about the Truth Commission digging into his predecessor’s administration, he told the media.

By his own admission, he didn’t have first-hand information about the so-called Truth Commission investigation. He didn’t even bother to double-check, because had he done so, he would have discovered that the information was distorted. It was half-wrong, and half-wrong isn’t the truth. He embellished unverified information and made it appear, before media, that the Tupas administratin was being targeted by the commission.

What is the truth about the Truth Commission’s action? In a resolution, the Truth Commission asked the Commission on Audit to submit a report of disallowances on irregular, extravagant and unnecessary expenditures during the past administration. It was a blanket resolution to facilitate the gathering of evidence against the likes of Augusto Boboy Syjuco, former head of TESDA and a key ally of Defensor, for the plunder committed during the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administration.  And the “disallowances” contemplated in this resolution are the overpricing of materials and supplies such as the 16,000% overprice of Syjuco at TESDA.

So who is ignorant? Who is irresponsible? Certainly not me. Under the circumstances, the harsh accusations made by Defensor has backfired on him. He has turned “rumor-mongering” into official policy. He is guilty of “kutso-kutso” governance. It only reinforces my theory that senility is quickly setting in. Now, it’s not just Defensor’s body that’s ailing. It appears that his mind is deteriorating, too.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

2 Responses to “Kutso-kutso” governance

  1. claire montinola-celistino says:

    I knew from the start how defensor’s administration would work. in the next few months, his rudeness and kabastusan would unveil and would hit its optimum level. my parents were just simple folks who wanted nothing but to give their kids a bright education. in 1998, they found it dignified to support niel tupas. lo and behold! everything spiraled down for the family after that. a secret hand is maneuvering our downfall. your guess is as good as mine.

    today, i am an it officer here in the states. i found it hard to believe how he could have won against the tupases. HE must have his reasons. for so long, defensor and his minions have made people believe he was the Mr. Clean everybody purported him to be. now could be the time to unmask him. i am happy that you remain to be the pain in his ass mr. mejorada. the people ought to know the man behind him. pls look at his planned expenditures for next year. i was told he wanted everythig newly built and newly-owned. I WONDER WHY…..


  2. And he wants jueteng to operate in the province under the guise of small town lottery.
    He must really be using a lot of deodorant to hide the stink from public view.
    But it won’t take long before he is fully exposed.
    Right now, his arrogance and lack of integrity are becoming obvious to a lot of people. He is breaking his own word. There’s a lot of failed expectations.
    I’ve known Defensor since he was an Assemblyman.
    To borrow the words of Pavia mayor Arcadio Gorriceta, “Art easily gets intoxicated by power.”


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