Tweeting the Pacquiao-Margarito fight

Yesterday’s astounding victory of the Pambansang Kamao kept the entire nation glued to their television sets, shouting and applauding as Manny Pacquiao landed precision jabs almost at will, battering his foe Antonio Margarito so badly that the Mexican was a beaten man as early as the 5th round. But I wasn’t able to flail my hands in jubilation as those rapid combitions tore through Margarito’s defenses and even shout, because I was also focused on posting tweets about the bout on my Blackberry. Here’s a run-down of the tweet-by-tweet analysis of the fight on

Pre-fight: The audience, mostly barangay captains from the 4th district of Iloilo province, started to arrive at the Jaro residence of former Governor Niel Tupas Sr. as early as 9:30 a.m. There was free-flowing coffee, peanuts and biscuits. Nobody talked about politics. It was all about how Pacquiao’s upcoming fight against Antonio Margarito. Will size matter? Or is it speed? Patriotic pride filled the air. Everybody was rooting for Pacquiao.

My first tweet at about 11:00 a.m.-

-“A sizeable crowd of barangay captains watching the big fight at the Jaro home of ex-Gov. Tupas. Go Pacquaio!”
As the last undercard bout was being fought between Mike Jones and Soto-Karass, I gave my analysis on the reported “weight difference” of 17 pounds between the two fighters:
-“Pacquiao lighter by 17 lbs. That means he will go against a bigger, slower target. “Impatso” will also knock Margarito down.”
-“The add’l weight of Margarito is unburned energy. It will make him sluggish. Nobody eats like that and still fight well.”
Gov. Tupas and I took our seats about 10 feet from the wide LED TV set where about 200 people had already settled when the last undercard bout was finished:
-“We are now seated on the ringside. Right in front of wide-screen LED hehehe. Excitement fills the air!”
The “Lupang Hinirang” was sang by Zyrene Parsad and saw that it was Bacolod City Mayor Bing Leonardia waving the Philippine flag:
-“Mayor Bing Leonardia is waving Philippine flag”
-“Crowd here is silent with anticipation”
Then, Manny Paqcquiao entered the arena and did his traditional sign-of-the-cross and raising his hand upwards in veneration to God.
-“I like Pacquaio’s gesture after making the sign of the cross; ‘Lord this is for You'”
With Pacquiao now in the ring, I made my forecast:
-“My fearless forecast: Margarito to go down in 5 rounds!”
It didn’t take long before both fighters exchanged rapid punches and counter-punches after the bell rang for the first round. Pacquiao grabbed the initiative and kept up a barrage of accurate jags and uppercuts against the Mexican.
-“Rd 1 Pacquaio”
In the second round, Pacquiao sensed a hesitation in Margarito to engage him in a toe-to-toe duel. Margarito saw that Pacquiao’s quick hands flew past his defenses the moment he tried to attack. Manny stepped up the attack. Clearly, it was his round.-
“Rd 2 Pacquaio. I smell a knock-out!”
The TV commentator saw the brilliant strategy being carried out by Pacquiao. I tweeted about it, too:
-“Nice crisp combinations as analyst put it”
During the 3rd round, Pacquiao hit Margarito with a powerful punch that a shudder was perceptible in the Mexican’s upper body. Pacquiao was going for the kill.
-“Pacquaio dictating the tempo. Little mice roaring hard at the big cat!”
Entering the 5th round, I saw that Pacquiao was dominating the fight. This was the round when I expected Margarito to fall. He looked unsure of himself by now, and spent more time hiding behind his gloves. But he held steady, and the knock-out didn’t come.
-“Only an accident will make Margarito win. The fight belongs to the Pambansang kamao!”
-“Fight is all but over. It’s Pacquaio by a mile. Expect a KO any time now”
In the 6th round, Margarito landed a jarring uppercut that shook Pacquiao. The Mexican wasn’t giving up the fight.
-“For a few seconds, Margarito revived his hopes for a victory only to be smoothered again by flurry of punches. Still Pacquaio for 6th”
Pacquaio simply shook off the impact of the strong uppercut. His confidence level hadn’t ebbed, and at one point, he even gave a display of fancy footwork, a shuffle,  to the delight of the crowd. He wanted to show Margarito that he wasn’t at all threatened or intimidated by the size difference.
-“Fancy footwork for Manny. Not getting enough work out”
The incessant jabs that landed with pinpoint accuracy to Margarito’s face reduced it to a red pulp. @sagadasun (Dean Jorge Bocobo) tweeted that Margarito had become the Tijuana tomato. I tweeted back:
-“@SagadaSun overripe tomato”
The bout had turned into a lopsided match. Pacquiao was hitting Margarito almost at will. I tweeted:
-“This is the Tijuana massacre”
-“Pacquaio fires almost at will”
-“Go for the KO!”
I read one tweet that cosmetics surgeon Vicky Belo was watching the fight from the ringside. With Margarito’s face now swollen up and torn up, I tweeted:
-“Vicky Belo is at the ringside to give Margarito a face job after the fight. Not a single round for Margarito”
At the start of the 10th round, Margarito’s eyes were almost totally closed, and the referee took a few seconds to make sure he could still continue to fight:-
“Referee gives Margarito a quick visual test”
Pacquiao lands another combination, and I tweeted:
-“Margarito wobbles. Throw in white towel!”
I was wondering why the Mexican corner was allowing their fighter to be slaughtered. I felt it was time to throw in the white towel. When it didn’t happen, I hoped the referee would do his job to end the cruel pummeling that Margarito was getting:
-“Referee should stop fight”
At this point, Pacquiao even threw a quick glance to the referee to check if he would do so. I tweeted:
-“At one point Pacquaio looked at ref if he will stop fight. Na-awa sya kay Margarito.”
Pacquiao knew Margarito was dead meat, and as the 12th round came up, the Filipino champion simply danced around the ring to avoid having to punish his foe harder until the final bell rang. When it did, the whole world erupted with cheers and jubilation: Pacquiao was the new WBC super-welterweight champion of the world! It was his 8th division championship belt, the most that a single fighter has won. I tweeted:
-“Absolutely the greatest boxer of the world — MANNY PACQUIAO!”
Reporter Raffy Tima made the observation that Pacquiao was a gentleman to the end that he didn’t go for the kill anymore. I replied:
-“@raffytima pacquaio isn’t a cruel fighter”
As the verdict, which was obvious anyway, I took the occasion to tweet something light:
-“Pacquaio rushing to get to next engagement: his concert! Viva Pacquaio!”
Then I added a post-fight remark:
-“Margarito never stood a chance. Pacquaio had the bout in the bag as early as 3rd round”
-“Floyd Mayweather is hiding! Doesn’t want to face Pacquaio after watching bout”
As the celebration erupted, another journalist @gangbadoy tweeted that Margarito deserved the beating as he had mocked Freddie Roach on his Parkinson’s disease. I replied:
-“@gangbadoy now it’s roach’s turn to mock him about his pulpy face”
So many celebrities around the world also watched the fight. One tweet that I came across came from Paris Hilton, which I retweeted:
-“Retweet if you love Pacquiao! Who watched the fight?”
It was a great moment for every Filipino. Pacquiao lifted the national spirit once again. He has inspired his countrymen that with hard work, dedication and God’s grace, everybody can also climb great heights. Mabuhay ka, Manny Pacquiao!

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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  1. I like this lead paragraph of Bill Dwyre”s column in the Los Angeles Times (Sports):

    The marvelous Manny Pacquiao did it again. The 98-pound weakling kicked sand in the big guy’s face. Yet another Paul Bunyan was chopped down, although this one, a tough and game Antonio Margarito, never allowed anyone to yell “Timber.”


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