Everyone is vulnerable to capitol hacker

Nereo Lujan went on a hacking rampage yesterday. First he disabled my two Yahoo email accounts. Not satisfied, he went for a bigger kill. He attacked and gain control of my Facebook account later in the afternoon. As I said, he is good. He went about the crime — hacking is a serious crime — with Swiss-clock precision. Before I could repel the attack, he had already changed the account information and removed my log-in email address as well as alternate address. I was barred from my own Facebook account.

The hijacking of my Facebook account is the second such attack by Mr. Lujan. The Somali pirates would look like kindergarten kids with the way he carried out the hijacking. Cold-blooded. He must even have attained sexual orgasm over his triumphant intrusion. I can guess he gloated about it before his cohorts at the Iloilo capitol. But more than that, it gave him satisfaction to have retaliated at my having exposed his as a plagiarist.

This latest incident is no longer to be taken lightly. Mr. Lujan is social networking sites and email accounts with impunity. He is like a serial killer on the loose. I can’t begin to count the cadavers left in his path — identities stolen and people’s right to privacy invaded. The sad thing is that this appears to be sanctioned by his boss at the capitol, especially when it comes to my case. The attack against me was double-bladed: it was revenge for Mr. Lujan and retaliation for his bosses. For them, the only way to hurt me is steal my online accounts. The truth contained in my blog articles are much too painful for them, and they can’t fend him truth.

But this isn’t just my personal concern. Everyone is vulnerable to his hacking attacks. A number of his former friends intimated to me how they, too, became victims. Today, it’s Boy Mejorada who fell victim. Tomorrow, it could be a radio station anchorman or reporter or government official or even the current provincial administrator or even the capitol’s IT system.

He will not stop. He has tasted blood, and he will thirst for more.

About Manuel "Boy" Mejorada
Manuel "Boy" Mejorada is a journalist and social media activist. A former Iloilo provincial administrator, he is now waging a crusade against corruption and narco-politics.

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